Help with GBI & Action Replay disc

So I ordered the AR disc and memory card adaptor from Daltel in order to try to use GBI on my Cube.

I’ve booted it up and I get an error message in a red box saying: The disc could not be read.

Is the disc fucked? It’s reading other games. Unfortunately, I ordered this several months ago when I was quite busy and am only just not getting around to testing it. I think there’s a 90 day warranty and I doubt I can send it back. Anyone else use GBI here?

This is why I don’t fuck with homebrew and off-brand shit. It just never, ever works for me. I’m a tech moron and I also have bad luck.

Pics? Correct region?

I’ve had a few Datel discs over the years and never had an issue.

I’ve read about people having problems with the memory card/SD reader (still using mine just fine), but this is new to me.
I can’t remember now… Are these AR discs region free?

I have two GameCubes and I can tell you a trick I’ve learned. Always boot to the menu with that. 1 console is picky and the other not so much.

On my tricky console I leave the tray open when booting and I navigate to the menu. Oddly sometimes my wave bird won’t work unless I do the same thing.

Yeah I’ve seen that work too

I did try the menu, but there might be other variables like the open tray. I’ll try again and post some pic. It’s the correct region disc - says “For US consoles” on the label.

Any excuse to go through the GC menu is a good one. Probably still one of my favourites of all time!

It’s a real shame it’s not working @Radarscope1 but I have faith in you. Freeloaders I’ve never had any issues with but the AR can be a bit finicky. I use a XenoGC these days but I do remember having more luck going into the menu with the lid open and going from there.

Here’s what I’m seeing, and the disc I’m using.

do you have a friend with one you can check to see if its your aging laser or your disc?

Yea there’s really no trick to this. That’s either a bad disk or a bad laser.

Hmm. The console is reading the GB Player disc just fine as well as the only game I have right now, Metroid Prime. I actually don’t have any friends with a GC that I recall. Maybe a local shop will let me pop it theirs.

What about a Wii, do you have one? Pardon my ignorance, as I’ve never inserted an Action Replay GCN into a Wii, but would it at least read the disc, or detect that it’s a Gamecube one? That might give you some more insight.

(Yes, I know you’re not going to be able to do anything on a Wii with a GCN Action Replay :wink: )

Yeah that would work as long as your wii supports GC discs.

Excellent Idea. Facepalm. Sometimes the best solution is the easiest and yet often ignored.

You could probably stick it in a PC and check if you can see the files/folders on the disc, too? If it’s not readable, nothing will show up.

I do have a Wii and can’t believe I didn’t think of that.

I have a hard time believing it’s the laser. I bought it new and I have not given this thing much use over the last 15 years (crazy to think it’s that old). And again, no problems with the game I tested.

The other steps I’ve taken are: download the GBI files and put them on an SD card, and put said SD card into the memory card adaptor. The kit also came with a little USB … thing. Not sure what to do with that? I need to take a picture of it as well. The instructions on all of this is really lacking.

Don’t beat yourself up @Radarscope1#9257. Everyone starts from the bottom it doesn’t mean you’re a “tech moron”. Have you tried cleaning the laser lense with running alcohol and a q tip? It wouldn’t surprise me if it was the laser. I had to turn my laser up before I tore it out for a wasp fusion.

Try the disc in another console as others have said.

I was going to suggest a Wii but then I thought you might get a false negative if it’s too high a firmware to run it… but then again I can’t remember how they behave in that situation. Thoughts?

My 2001 launch GC’s laser started failing in late 2002, midway through Metroid Prime!, and I had to trek over to the nearest “repair center” to have it mailed in. I had put serious time into a few games by then, but that was still too sudden. It happens.

If you look close on that little USB thing, you can see a piece of plastic like a microsd card, you can slide that out and slide in a microsd card. Its basically just a small USB adaptor for a microsd card.