Unreleased Dreamcast game, Agartha is released

Well, kind of… A very early build of this highly sort after Dreamcast game has finally made it’s way on to the internet.
While this build is far earlier than what was shown in the official promotion video it is cool to finally get a glimpse of what was basically a challenger to the almighty D2.

This video shows the debug in action and pretty much everything you can do in the early build. It was also recorded via VGA.

A quick search on the net should bag you a link. Dreamcast History!


Cool. I forgot all about this game but at the time I was really curious to see what Raynal and his would come up with.

Nice! I’m always ready for more Dreamcast games.

Gives me Impact Winter vibes


Yeah, huge D2 vibes here. Man, I’d even swear the path leading to the first cabin (and the place itself) is almost identical.

nice! i love finding lost games, and yeah, if you’re gonna clone something, why not D2?

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