Using HDMI to VGA adapters on modern consoles

Will have to wait for lockdown to get one of those transcoders.

Until then I’ve switched from Wii > HDMI > VGA to Component > KVM switch > Extron > VGA.


  • Marginally cleaner signal
  • Marginally less lag
  • One solution fits all


  • No 240p support
  • Requires manual switching


  • Zoom for IPS chevrons :heart::green_heart::blue_heart:

Thanks for writing up these instructions, I feel the Wii ones are particularly important given the system’s software’s inconsistent approach to rendering its image, I’ve been gobsmacked by some of the photos you’ve shared of the pixel perfect output! It’s an eye-opener after years of upscaled blurry 16:9 component cable output from my 768p Bravia, much of which isn’t even correctly scaled due to third parties doing weird things (No More Heroes returns a squished image in widescreen…)

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I eventually ended up at the following Combo:

  1. GBSC (as scaler and deinterlacer)
  2. KVM (as VGA+Audio switch)
  3. Extron DVS 304 (as input selector; and most importantly for output sync consolidation so my VGA display only needs one global sync setting )

480p out of a DC is different spec than 480p out of a Wii, in terms of sync and position. So passing these through unmodified means that after every input select I would also need to go into my TV menu and do an “adjust” so that it displays the image correctly. This gets annoying very quickly.

So I use an Extron to take care of that automatically: the single output always has the same sync and position regardless of the properties of the input signals. I never have to touch my display menu!

I have PS2 on Component into the GBSC. Output from the GBSC into the KVM along with DC, PC and 360. That means a single switchable source into the Extron.
Wii and Xbox join at this point straight into the Extron component input, only because they don’t really require scaling or deinterlacing. And I often have the Wii and PS2 powered on the same time.
Resulting single output is unified 480p over DVI to my display.


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Hey Matt have you tried PS2, Xbox and GameCube on that EDTV? I would love to see some shots of your results even if they aren’t that great :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • PS2 a lot
  • GC only through Wii
  • Xbox a bit (I don’t keep it plugged in all the time because it’s too big for my TV cabinet)

There are photos on here from myself and @Gravitone (who has the same TV), I’ll try to take some more soon.

But they are all pixel perfect (image centred with black borders depending on the game active area).

Dreamcast is full screen. Even though Wii is 480p games don’t use the whole area.

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You can check out some of the shots I made in this thread:

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Scroll through my Instagram to see some videos and photos of games running on this display. I can share the original files if there’s anything of interest.

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