Video Game Music |OT| - Not just Robot Farts and 5-Second Loops!


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Anyway, Brinstar Underground also kick ass:


I’ve been obsessed with the soundtrack for “Bosconian” (X68K) lately. Some of the tracks here are simply AMAZING!

I think my favourite is “Blast Power” at 3:57.


The X68000 really does have a good vibe


This is gorgeous, love it!


random pc-e stuff


One of my closest friends has created a new music software program for the Atari STE which gives it audio super powers: the ability to use both the YM sound chip and DMA sample playback to get 7 channels of sound, in a similar way to the Konami SCC (MSX & Arcade) or HuC6280 (PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16).

Hey, listen!

More info and audio at:


That sounds awesome! It’s kind of like a C64 with double the channels… Very cool.


Here’s a demo of a bunch of tunes made with it


Sounds so good! Thanks for that.


Great stuff.

Reminds me of the soundtrack PPPPPP by SoulEye, from the game VVVVVV.


I also wanted to share this. It’s not exactly a video game soundtrack, so much as inspired by the best elements of chip tunes, with contemporary piano accompaniment.

I can’t recommend it highly enough.

I only realised the other day, that Lonely Rolling Star was from Katamari Damacy (which I have yet to play), so it kind of counts.


VVVVVV was fantastic.


They sound like it’s coming from the Commodore 64’s chip


@Piggychan Similar, but different.

@Eccles really enjoyed The Black Box album!


I would do terrible things for a release of VVVVVV’s soundtrack on vinyl.


This is a few years old, but I can’t get enough of it.
Such a great tribute to this soundtrack. The band has some serious chops. The drummer especially gives his kit an absolute thumping. Great stuff.

I would love to figure out a way of playing the game with this music inserted as loops.
Perhaps if it was rewritten for the SNES, and an MSU-1 patch was applied. Or perhaps a custom emulator similar to a Castlevania hack I saw a while ago.


Bit Brigade is fucking great and were great at magfest this year. I’m typically fine with just listening to these groups and not caring about seeing them live but their act is pretty good, what with the guy speed running the games along with the music. Or rather the music being played along the speedrun.


I’ve watched the clip of a Magfest show from a few years ago. Shows great musicianship to work around an actual run of the game. Sublime.


Just a heads up, Laced Records is releasing the REmake and RE2 (original release) soundtracks on vinyl. They’re expecting to ship in April. I’ve been waiting for RE music on LP, and snapped these up right away.


Play it in an emulator with the music turned off, and run this track in the background. Hokey, but it would work!