Video Game Music |OT| - Not just Robot Farts and 5-Second Loops!


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Anyway, Brinstar Underground also kick ass:


I’ve been obsessed with the soundtrack for “Bosconian” (X68K) lately. Some of the tracks here are simply AMAZING!

I think my favourite is “Blast Power” at 3:57.


The X68000 really does have a good vibe


This is gorgeous, love it!


random pc-e stuff


One of my closest friends has created a new music software program for the Atari STE which gives it audio super powers: the ability to use both the YM sound chip and DMA sample playback to get 7 channels of sound, in a similar way to the Konami SCC (MSX & Arcade) or HuC6280 (PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16).

Hey, listen!

More info and audio at:


That sounds awesome! It’s kind of like a C64 with double the channels… Very cool.