Video: How to adjust the flyback on your PVM to correct blurry or overly bright/dark picture

Clearing out some video’s on my phone and I forgot that I made this in the old GAF thread.

If any of you are curious about making adjustments inside your PVM to correct a blurry picture (focus) or overly bright/dark picture (screen) this may be of help. I figured here is a good place as any to repost this in case this question comes up or you wanna know whats inside your PVM.

Yesssss you made this for meeeee when I asked about my PVM being washed out. Now that I have a work area I need to get this done! Thanks again :slight_smile:

“That will shock the shit out of you. It wont kill you unless your old and got a fucked up pace maker or something but you know it might blast you a little bit and put you on your ass”

“bixby shut the fuck up”

I really want you to stream or make more videos!

Great video though. I need to adjust the focus on my D series

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Awesome video, I need to do this for a 1953Q I’ve had for a while. We need more CRT servicing info out there in general.