Virtua Racing - SEGA AGES M2 Switch port has 8 player split screen?!

You don’t need to do this. Just change your country on your existing My Nintendo website account, buy the game (opportunity to save money with exchange rates), then change your country back to your normal one. Note: you can’t change country if you have balance on your account. PayPal doesn’t work in certain countries.

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Ok. I’ll wait :slight_smile:


Wait, that really works? I made a jp account specifically but i didn’t have a credit card that worked on that eshop. So if I just switch my region over on my main account, I can use the card tied to that account on the jp eshop? Have I been making this harder than it really is?

Well, I’ve done it for some regions. You can’t buy using PayPal from Mexico for some reason. Shame because the exchange rate is good right now. Japan I’d have to confirm because it’s been a while.

Basically I buy my downloads wherever is cheapest. South Africa, Norway, wherever. Exchange rates vary daily so there are sites where you can check prices. I’ve seen differences of upto 40% between regions.



That is strange - pretty sure it should give access to all users/accounts on the same system.

Unfortunately I can’t help with more information. I only use one account with my Switch, doing what @matt mentioned (log into, and change my country setting there).

The only downside is you lose your balance every time you switch stores (but gold coins are saved per store), so if you’re using prepaid cards that might be an issue. But it’s great having all worldwide purchases saved to a single account.

As people have mentioned the Switch eShop doesn’t support international cards for payment. However, if you’ve got a Japanese 3DS there’s a clever workaround. It still supports international cards, so search the eShop for a game of the same price as the one you want on Switch, top up your wallet, then merge the balances.

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That’s a nice 3DS trick.

Yeah, I’m confused because I’ve purchased from my JP account before and played with my main US account no problems. Really confused as to why I’m having this problem now.

I also switched my main account (Germany) to Japan, bought the game and then switched back. I can play it like any other game no problem. I just had to give up the leftover balance (1 yen I think) when I changed it back to Germany.

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An enjoyable DF Retro vid on the new port:

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Great stuff