Virtua Racing - SEGA AGES M2 Switch port has 8 player split screen?!

I only just learned that the game supports 8-player split screen! so much what.

This is how it’s laid out:

The port sounds amazing and whilst it lacks the console extras (and online racing is limited to 1 vs 1 it seems) it’s running at 60fps and has no pop-up. I so badly need a switch. Out now on the Japanese store, anybody picking it up?

Can’t wait to try that undocked.


Eurogamer has a pic of it running in 8-player!

something like a 160x90 resolution for each player

Probably unplayable but I think it’s really cool.


Love that they did this, my friends complain about MK8 in 4-player on a 65" screen so this will be hilarious to show them.

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160x90. Lower resolution than a Game Boy if true.

Look at all those beautiful Joycons! So many colors :drooling_face:

It makes me want to collect more of them (must stay strong…)

Oh wow, 65" is really generous! I remember cramming around a 14" CRT to play 4-player GoldenEye and Mario Kart 64 with friends and thinking that was fine, not sure I could go back to split screen on such a small screen now though haha

Hmm a projector might be the perfect way to experience 8-player VR.

I wish this had W/LAN support though, seems a little strange to cram it all in on one screen.

Need to get this for my projector gaming nights!

I’ve only played the PS2 “Sega Classics Collection” port.

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Video of 8-player here

@Vespa Not true. EuroGamer have since deleted that junior-level maths error.

The perfect dithered shadow shows the resolution of split screen panels is quite high (click to zoom)

  • 1080p = 640x360 per panel (video confirms this)
  • 720p = 426x240 per panel

Actually there’s a single pixel border between panels so they’re more like 639x359 etc

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Talk about wasted screen space! I can’t believe they didn’t come up with a more elegant solution to use all the available screen, and avoid those nasty black boxes.

I’m not even that smart, and I came up with this in a few minutes.



As someone from the UK, I am ashamed that I didn’t see the perfect solution in our very own flag!

@matt Oh that looks perfectly playable! A projector would be an amazing way to experience this. What’s the original arcade res?


Make it 9-players!

(Can the Switch even pair 9 controllers?)

Original was 496x384, so the Switch port is kind of just wide-screen original resolution per split screen panel (8-player).

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Of course. Who hasn’t heard of 384p?


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I know right!? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Display resolution: 496×384 pixels, 24 kHz H‑Sync, progressive scan (non‑interlaced)

I picked this up at launch, it really is bloody brilliant!

What’s great is you can kick off an 8 player match without pairing any controllers. Playing on just one tiny corner of the screen reminds me of using a Game Boy Micro, it’s something else.

What is also very neat is the game lets you put the Switch in vertical orientation for a stacked 3-player view. Might see if I can get a multiplayer match going today.

My only niggle with the game so far is there’s no CRT or pixel filters combined with ways to render the game at its original arcade resolution. The 2D art and low poly models aren’t done justice in crystal clear HD.


I never played Virtua Racing back in the day so I thought I’d post some impressions given that.

Honestly this game is still blowing my mind right now. That Sega got so much right in this 1992 release is phenomenal, even the smooth transitions between camera angles feels very well implemented, and like other classics, the handling is still spot on, with great course design where your consistent and correct handling of a few pain points can mean the differences of seconds in race time.

It’s a shame the online is limited to 2 players and suffers from some pretty bad latency and slowdown when both players don’t have a great connection. But single player is still plenty entertaining, so it’s immediately earned a place on my list of arcade racers which I’ll probably never tire of coming back to.

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Is this out on the US eshop yet?

Are you playing on a US Switch? Reason I ask is because I have a US Switch and my main account is US region. My Switch is registered to that account. I made a JP account and bought Virtua Racing from the JP eshop but can only play it in my JP account. I thought it was possible to import games this way and still play on the primary US account. Any idea why my Switch is saying I can’t play it on that account?

I think the games are locked to region on the Switch itself. You have to log into that account to play them.

Virtua Racing is not out in the US yet, @entremet