What game posters did you have growing up?

What video game related posters did you have on your walls growing up? And where did you acquire them?

Here are some I had up when I was around 8 to 18 years old. The early '80s ones were mostly taken from game boxes, the Nintendo/Sega ones came bundled with games, and someone gave a TG16 logo poster back then. It wasn’t official as someone had just photocopied and enlarged the logo but it was still cool to me.


A bunch that came with the games and a couple of Nintendo Power ones.

I still have the Golden Axe one up near my Genesis stuff. Mutant League and Nintendo Power ones tore long ago. Kinda want to go and buy a bunch of Nintendo Power posters again though.


I used to work in retail as stock manager back in 1997/98 so I had loads of cool posters but the only one I ever had on my wall at home was a Japanese Sonic 2 Comming Soon poster. It was propped full poster size too.

These things were like visions of unexplored worlds to me as a kid.

Never had any actual game posters, not sure I ever saw any. By the time there were some I was an edgy teen with Kurt Cobain and Velvet Underground posters.


The back side of the After Burner poster was a catalogue like the one you posted. I think the Altered Beast one was, too. Those were always neat to see with the screenshots (although the upcoming TeleGenesis modem shown didn’t make it outside of Japan).

I did have plenty of rock/metal posters in my teenage years but I still had the more nerdy side of my bedroom with the game stuff.

I only had the ones that came free in PAL SNES games

I was gonna say… I don’t think I had many game posters (if any) growing up, but I did have the quintessential Lamborghini Countach poster that was inthe bedroom of all young kids my age.


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I believe I had a set of those as school folders. The diablo was my favorite

I used to have this poster on the wall next to my Commodore 64c set-up, in my bedroom as a teenager.
The poster came with the game. Infocom had such amazing physical releases. When I upgraded to an Atari 1040ST, I bought The Crescent Hawk’s Inception again and still have that copy to this day, with a pristine poster inside.

Oh man, that brings back nostalgia! I had that too!

I remembered having this one for a while.


Video games are weird, man

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Basically Sega’s western artwork was so trash, they had probably hired whoever was doing Capcom’s stuff.

I’ve been photoshopping up some home made versions of these send-away Konami NES posters

Essentially the box arts minus logos etc.


I’m not 100% sure, but I believe I had this Sonic poster as a kid in the 90’s. At some point it hung next to a poster of Cindy Crawford :slight_smile:


I don’t remember having many posters as a kid except that golden axe one and probably something related to sonic 2.

I had no idea this was a thing! It would be amazing if an official reprint happened and these were sold again. That’s cool you’re making your own, would love to see how they come out.

I bought a few nes cover replicas off eBay and I have to say they’re a not the greatest quality, you can see jpeg artifacting and sometimes even the moire pattern from being scanned.

@Bastia Had that on the wall as well :D!

Sorry Sonic… Cindy was hotter.

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love this topic - i still have many up, but man, in the day i had this hideous gamepro one from their comic adventures…need to find that one again haha

Piggybacking this thread for a bit here…

I have a friend that runs a poster shop, so printing some gaming posters for the basement will be cheap.

For 24"x36" size, I would need 7200x10800 resolution for 300DPI
For 27"x40" size, I would need 8100x12000 resolution for 300DPI

Finding the art is difficult though… Do any of you lovely people know of a good source for very high resolution images that are gaming related?