Gaming Magazines and Newsletters: Old and "New"

While scrounging around my basement for misc PC parts, I came across a box of old game magazines that I had been saving for years. It sent me down a road of fond memories and I’d thought I’d share a few.

Computer Game Review, July 1994:

I had a subscription to CGR and kept this issue because of how much I loved X-COM. In fact, it was this review that made me sit up and notice the game in the first place. Platinum, indeed.

Electronic Gaming Monthly, February 1992:

EGM was a heavy-hitter back in the day and probably my primary source for gaming news pre-Internet. Really wish I had saved more of these. The Feb 1992 Street Fighter II issue stands out because the game consumed me and my brother in both the arcade and at home.

EGM Feb 92:

Scraps from the Quatermann would have to get us by until the next month. Also, love that 90’s “extreme” ad for the Asciipad. (Awesome controller, by the way, and one I still use.)

EGM Feb 92:

Speaking of ads, very often they were just as interesting as the articles. I would stare at these two-page ads from Chips and Bits and dream of owning most of these games. Never did get a Turbo Express, though, it was forever out of reach.

Sierra/Dynamix News Magazine, 1991:

It was fairly common for companies to put out their own newsletter. I was a big Sierra fanboy and, judging by the mailing address this was sent to, stole this from one of my brother’s friends. :slight_smile:

These interviews are interesting and unfortunately almost completely lost to history.

Video Games & Computer Entertainment, October 1992

It was a short-lived magazine, but I always appreciated it’s more adult approach to video games. Maybe it had something to do with being published by Larry Flynt’s company. :stuck_out_tongue: This cover said it was a “Collector’s Edition”, so I just did what I was told and collected it.

For new (old) magazines, I really enjoy Retro Gamer, but damn if it isn’t too expensive in the US to read regularly:

What gaming magazines do you read, collect, or have great memories of?


Only one I still read is Game Informer. In fact it is one of the few reasons why I even shop at gamestop still. Even with them transferring me to the digital version of the magazine a few times without telling me…

I use to love Tips and Tricks because it had a massive “cheats” section in the back of every issue iirc. EGM was probably my go to out of the big ones, but I never had a subscription to any of them until Game Informer. Much like renting the same game over and over enough times to have bought it several times over, my family thought it was a better deal to just buy one magazine every so often when we were out. I also loved both Nintendo Power and Sega Visions. There were countless small ones that I read, but hard to keep track since it really was just what caught my eye on various magazine racks since family wouldn’t be down for a subscription.

I’ve always struggled about what to do with my old magazines. I really want to keep them, but I almost never go back to read them, and they end up taking up a lot of space. Normally I get a few boxes filled with them before just tossing them, then wishing I didn’t…

I do have a box filled with the SEGA local French magazine from when the Mega drive was king, that I used to read to get info on Master System and Game Gear games :sweat_smile:. Also where I first found out about the Saturn, with the champagne prototype in the cover. It was love at first sight.

I also got two EDGE magazines, presumably from when I lived in the UK, and most notably this one:

I’m not throwing away that one, that’s for sure.

Yeah, space has always been a complicating problem. I came across a local ebay listing for about 120 issues of Nintendo Power, which seemed awesome. But upon closer inspection, about half were water damaged and if I really thought about it, I had no where to put them. Still, would have been fun to flip through them…

@khaz - beautiful. EDGE is another mag from the UK that I like and wish was easier (and cheaper) to get in the US. GamesTM is another one. EDGE reminds me a bit of the old Next Generation magazine - something I wish I had kept my issues. :frowning:

I pretty much read whatever I could find back in the day: EGM, VG&CE, Game Players, Gamepro, Mega Play, Super Gaming, Dengeki PC Engine, Gamefan, Sega Power, CD-ROM Today, Next Gen, PC Gamer, Computer Gaming World, etc… I still have some of the mags in the first post.

Gamepro wasn’t so great but I kept this issue because I have my name in it for Burai Fighter Deluxe passwords. Since I bought the import early, I wasn’t surprised I got them published.

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Since I used to write for one of the Old ones, I’m very invested in games magazines, even today. I buy Retro Gamer and sometimes Games™, PC Gamer or whatever else I find on the rack. I used to get Edge but I can’t get it locally anymore and never bothered to get a sub. Retro Gamer is absolutely worth the $15 every month. I will never stop buying that.

@fester Next Generation was basically the US version of Edge.

All of the games I reviewed in Print are here…

I also did a lot of previews and some features for Computer Games Strategy Plus/Computer Games Magazine and of course have a laundry list of online work as well, but the print stuff was what helped pay bills. It was a great era of gaming.


That’s cool. I used to subscribe to Computer Gaming World and Games For Windows. Being an Atari computer nerd back in the day, I also read Analog, ST-Log and ST Format.

Some of my other favorite magazines from back in the day were Video Games and Computer Entertainment, Diehard Gamefan, Gamers’ Republic and Play.

Found some old video game magazines in my storage. I thought you guys would enjoy them. Seeing that CDX Price hurts my soul.

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New 1st party controllers were 30 bucks… we had it good back then. Today’s controllers cost at least double.

Jaguar price is solid too. I have a CDX. I did not get 9 games with it. I did not pay too much more than that, though.

I’ll take one of those DC arcade sticks for $40, please!

I love magazines, really takes you back, problem is storing them as over time they get more and more damaged…

Got Zzap!64 from 1-50, load of SuperPlays, Dreamcast Mags and a smatering of others I like.

I regret getting rid of a majority of my old magazines a few years ago.

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Are such a pain to store though, so heavy, so not supprising that many have sold them on… Positive lots of really good sites that allow you to still read them, though not quite the same as a well read physcial copy :slight_smile:

I have most of the first 100 issues or so of Nintendo Power. They’re in a box now but hoping to get them displayed someday after I get the ones I’m missing.

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Are we OK to link these sites? @Peltz

Go for it!

1 Like has a large collection of retro game magazines from all over the world

This site is set up to digitally preserve video game magazines from 10 years ago and earlier for defunct magazines, and 15 years ago and earlier for current magazines. The rules for defunct magazines vary on a case-by-case basis. We do this because issues of these magazines are not readily available from publishers/content owners. While we don’t have legal permission, we operate in a way where we do not release anything that will reduce any potential income for you, or magazines that are available from you, nor do we release scans that are of a quality that may reflect poorly on you. So far this has worked, with several publishers/content owners basically ignoring our existence. However, if you wish that we do not make content that you legally have ownership of available on this site, just let us know and we will remove it. While we would prefer permission, we will fully oblige with your wishes concerning your content. This is a hobby we do out of passion and love for the video game magazines of yesterday, and not worth legal battles of any kind.


Sega Retro have an incredible collection too.

can you please link directly to it?