What games are too difficult for you?

Tell me a story about the game that you poured your heart into trying to make the credits roll. Tell me about the time you finally realized you were too ham-fisted to hack it, and gave up.

I’m real close right now with Enter The Gungeon… I am so close, but I’m not certain I have it in me to go on. It’s a deceptively simple game, but under the veil it’s surpisingly complex, difficult, rewarding, and maddening.

I love it to death, but I don’t know if it’s worth the hours to try and finish it any longer. I’ve probably put 100 hours into it, and come up short.

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The original Rayman. I owned it as a kid and rarely made it much past the first few areas and now I still can hardly make it through without abusing savestates or something. Other than that those bullethell games just look to crazy to me so while I haven’t played much I definitely have this preconception they are “too difficult for me” lol


I have to agree with “bullet hell” type games, I’ve played a few of them at my local retro arcade, I just can’t get along with them, hard for the sake of being hard just takes away the fun for me, I’m more of a Galaga 88 person.

I also hate Ghosts n Goblins series, I never got on with it despite trying numerous times over the years.

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