What is your audio setup?


I’ll take you up on that someday. NZ is on my list.


It’s here, the Polk Audio PSW10, now my 5.1 setup is complete!


Jelly… I like polk stuff.


Are they USA only? I’ve never heard of the brand.


I believe so.


Enjoy! Where are you located btw?




Thought so! Which part? (Feel free to PM if preferred). If we’re close enough you should come check out my setup some time and watch a movie or something!


They’re pretty popular in Canada too.


So I watched Dunkirk in 5.1…I wish this was the 1st way I experienced the movie, lol. The sound design is perfect in this movie as well.


I need to get that just for the audio. Best Buy just sent me a $10 certificate. Maybe I’ll get that…


Yes, you should. Trust me, you’ll love it!


So I ended up going ahead and getting the Logitec Z506 sytem. I know I cheaped out but I just wanted something small and inexpensive to dip my toes in the water so to speak and test out my area. I was surprisingly enough able to find a good space for all the speakers. I’m sure it’s not anything particularly amazing but compared to the cheap scratchy dell desk speakers I’ve had for years it blows me away. Maybe I’ll upgrade to something better later but for now I’m just buying some cord extensions and adapters so I can hook everything into it from my audio mixer. Thanks again for the help and advice guys!


My buddy has had something similar for many years and it works well for him and his space! Enjoy :slight_smile:


I’m contemplating on trying to find an electrical engineer to fix my old Marantz PM66SE amp. Just over a year ago one of the audio channels, could be either the left or right decided to cut out during playback. Bought this unit in the early 90’s and back in the day I thought it was a perfect match for the pc engine sound chip because it created a warm sound with decent bass.

One of those amps where you turn it on and wait about half an hour for it to warm up

Something modern amps/receivers can’t cut it…This include my recent Onkyo >__>

I just started using DaVinci Resolve video editing software to mix the audio I think I got sounding close.


I understand the desire to fix an old amp you like, but I wouldn’t knock modern amps. There are so many great ones out there.


Does anyone use small Class D amps on here with large-ish speakers? I’ve been wondering about smaller desktop amps.


I used one for years and moved on to a receiver. They’re ok and fine for what they do though.


Thanks! It sounds like you much prefer receivers.

Any recommendations on old stereo or AV receivers? I mostly care about power and decent sound quality more than features. Goodwills don’t get (m)any receivers around here so I’ve been thinking about ordering an old 90s model from Ebay, just something that works. I’ll probably be ordering some Andrew Jones speakers soon to go with it.


Try to pick up a Denon if you can.