What is your audio setup?


My recent amp is my first Onkyo product I went on this review alone. To be fair it hasn’t disappointed in the musicality performance and at it’s price. I got mine before Christmas 2017 but it seems to have jumped up in price since then by quite a bit.


Neither of mine do. Looks like yours has a special feature.


That’s happened with a few Japanese companies BUT only on their overseas products. Seems the western market want cheap shit from Korea these days so Japanese companies have to cut costs in order to sell n the West. In Japan Korean products are not popular so Japanese products stay at their high standard. A great example would by Toshiba TVs.


Mine doesn’t do that… I was surprised to find my amp had an options menu after reading the manual so you might want to see if yours has an option to turn that off.


Got the 5.1.2 wired up and running. Fuck…I need to start saving my pennies so I can go 5.1.4 come next Black Friday!


Awesome dude, that looks great!


got a new pair of headphones for indoor use. These are a bit too big to take out and the music escapes!


Looking good, Boarchan


I’m not surprised the music escapes, they’re open back headphones. I had a pair of Hi-Fi Man open back headphones that I had to sell. They sounded great but they really hurt my head after an hours worth of use. I now use a nice over ear pair of Bose.


Nice choice! Grados are my absolute favorite headphones for metal/rock!


So I bought a used Onkyo HTX-22HDX for £45 to replace my Onkyo HTX-22HD. A worthwhile upgrade:

  • simpler operation
  • on screen display of setup menu and volume level
  • auto power off!

Straight swap, keeping my existing speakers and even remote control. Couldn’t be happier.

It also supports HDMI 1.4, if I ever need that.


Nothing special, a simple 5.1 home cinema set by JVC in the living room (with tiny speakers) and in my gameroom I have a 2.1 set by Trust (terrible I know, but honestly they work fine and the size is perfect).

I was never much of an audiophile, picture is much more important to me.


Would anybody here ITT happen to have a recommendation for a good audio set up? Here’s a picture of the space I’m working with.

Just trying to get some decently convincing surround sound happening. I know the space is a little cluttered but I still have room I can free up on the sides and behind the TV’s and Monitors, and plenty of space on the floo nearby, as well as I could possibly push the 4K TV back to make room for some sort of soundbar but I am worried about the TV stand getting in the way. I hoped to stay within maybe a $150 budget. What do you guys think should I push back upgrading my audio setup until I have more space and a bigger budget or do I have any good options currently?


Honestly, given the space and how little room you have, I would probably recommend you stick to a 2.1 system. I’m not sure you could get a good 5.1 speaker placement/set-up going in that space. Unfortunately your budget of $150 isn’t enough for a solid 2.1 imo, let alone a 5.1. Do not be tempted by “Home Theater in a Box” systems.

All that being said this is what I would recommend:

(1) Pair of Pioneer SP-BS22-LR bookshelf speakers // $95
Amazon Link

(1) Dayton Audio SUB-1000 10" Subwoofer // $119
Parts Express Link

Tons of options for the receiver but I have a Denon so going with what I know here. Also, this is the part where you can really save money by going used.

(1) Denon AVRS530BT 5.2 Ch. Receiver // $229
Amazon Link

$443 total.

Again you can shave some of that off by looking for an older model and/or used receiver. Used speakers CAN be a bit of a gamble but if you can test them out first they are worth a look.

If in the future you find yourself in a situation where you can make 5.1 work then just add another pair of the AJ bookshelf speakers along with the matching center channel and you’re good to go.

Hope that helps.


Thanks for the advice! I think you’re right then I should probably wait it out for a while. Was just debating what to upgrade and it was between this or getting an OSSC


Care to say why?

I have never had any issues with mine. I’m on my third - I’ve upgraded twice when my needs have changed. Though I think my Onkyo is a bit more than the “home theatre in a box” that you’re referring to. But it takes up less space, is easier to setup, and provides excellent sound. Plus, you could easily get one for under $150.

Sure, it wouldn’t be the greatest solution you’ll ever hear. But it would be good value for money.


To put it in RGB terms :smiley: , for me personally it’s kind of like how when we see people asking for advice on a cheaper solution than an OSSC or a Framemeister, and 99% of the responses are save your money and go for the quality solution.

A home theater in a box will get you sound all around for sure. I had one myself for many years, but I still wouldn’t recommend one personally. I had mine because it came bundled with my TV, and I enjoyed it, but it’s not how I would recommend someone allocate their funds.

The difference between my HTiB and my dedicated set-up is night and day. At the end of the day it all just comes down to the quality of sound you are looking for. If the sound quality isn’t a major concern, but cost or space is, then maybe a Soundbar or HtiB is a solid move.

My 2 cents of course.


HTiB can be a decent purchase for someone who wants a “set it and forget it” solution. I think you’d be surprised how good some can sound, especially for movies.

Sound bars never sound right to me though.


I don’t necessarily disagree. Like I said it’s just a matter of sound quality really. Will a HTiB get the job done? Sure. Though based on the last time we discussed this I think you and I may not be on the same page when we use the term HtiB.

Composite on my SNES to a regular ol’ CRT, which plenty of people do and which is fine really, will do the trick, and yet I run a SCART cable to a PVM like a madman lol.

Anyways I’m probably belaboring the point at this…point lol. In the end just because I wouldn’t recommend 'em doesn’t mean someone might not be happy with one!


Come on over :slight_smile: