Which country do you live in?

Love the internationality of the board. I know Socksfelloff and BTails are from Canada too. It seems we have a heavy Canadian/UK presence here.

(No wonder this place is so polite!)

USA: Virginia

Suburbs of Philadelphia, USA

Orange County (Near Disneyland - Greater Los Angeles Area), CA. USA (my house is safe from fire at the moment.

Guess Im the first scandinavian as i am from Bergen, Norway!


Lots of MD folk!

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UK, London

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Toronto ,Ontario , Canada !

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USA - Seattle, WA

USA - California

Guelph represent!


Brazil (Rio de Janeiro). The mythical Master System and Neogeo land.

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We need an interactive map up in here

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I’m in Mississauga. Let’s hookup

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I’m assuming that means you’re also from Maryland?

I’m from Rykkinn originally, but live in Oslo in Norway now!

Hei på deg, fra Oslo! :smiley:

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Auckland, New Zealand

Wow. Amazing that a fellow retrogaffer is also Norwegian! Hei på deg også!

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