Which country do you live in?

Hello everyone!! Of course, being the geography maniac that I am, I’m always interested in hearing where everybody resides on the forums that I visit. So, let’s see which countries are represented here!! I live in Canada myself.

Australia: D.Lo
Brazil: Shinriji
Canada: Oheao, Boylamite, KC-Slater, Poptart、SocksFellOff, Raskulous, Sapiens, NeoZeedeater
New Zealand: Peagles, Muggsy
Norway: Morfeo, ResidentDante
United Kingdom: Collz69 (England), Suteneko (England), GingerBeardMan (England), SupaNintendoChalmers (Scotland)、Piggychan (England)
United States: Timu321, Peltza, CornerStone, Danexmurder, Beartruck, Tron, BlastProcessed, Kawika, ToddDeHavoc, Entremet, New002

US: Maryland

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Terra Australis, Sydney.

New Zealand: Auckland

UK (Lancashire) :uk:


Another UK resident here! But from the Midlands (Warwickshire).

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Hatrick! :soccer:

UK, West Cornwall


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New York, USA

Louisville, KY, USA

Just moved actually

Home of the Lousville Slugger?

Yes sir. There’s a museum and factory floor right in downtown. If you drive by on the highway, you’ll see a giant baseball bat off to the left. Don’t know what tree they had to cut down for that one, but

image http://i.imgur.com/1h2w1V0.gif

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I used to prefer the Old Hickory bats (went through 2 of them) but the rest of my old baseball teammates swore by Louisville Slugger. Great bat. Would love to visit the factory some day.

US, Maryland.

Guelph, Ontario (Canada)

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So, we only have people from Anglo-speaking countries so far! However, we do have 5 of the 6 Anglo-majority states, the only one that is missing is Ireland.

Guelph as well! /brofist

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In Canada, Ottawa specifically.

By the way, I live in Ontario too, specifically London! So we’ve got quite a few Ontarians here it seems!

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The land of the Deep dish pizza, the best pizza.