Which country do you live in?


Hello everyone!! Of course, being the geography maniac that I am, I’m always interested in hearing where everybody resides on the forums that I visit. So, let’s see which countries are represented here!! I live in Canada myself.

Australia: D.Lo
Brazil: Shinriji
Canada: Oheao, Boylamite, KC-Slater, Poptart、SocksFellOff, Raskulous, Sapiens, NeoZeedeater
New Zealand: Peagles, Muggsy
Norway: Morfeo, ResidentDante
United Kingdom: Collz69 (England), Suteneko (England), GingerBeardMan (England), SupaNintendoChalmers (Scotland)、Piggychan (England)
United States: Timu321, Peltza, CornerStone, Danexmurder, Beartruck, Tron, BlastProcessed, Kawika, ToddDeHavoc, Entremet, New002


US: Maryland


Terra Australis, Sydney.


New Zealand: Auckland


UK (Lancashire) :uk:


Another UK resident here! But from the Midlands (Warwickshire).


Hatrick! :soccer:

UK, West Cornwall




New York, USA


Louisville, KY, USA

Just moved actually


Home of the Lousville Slugger?


Yes sir. There’s a museum and factory floor right in downtown. If you drive by on the highway, you’ll see a giant baseball bat off to the left. Don’t know what tree they had to cut down for that one, but

image http://i.imgur.com/1h2w1V0.gif


I used to prefer the Old Hickory bats (went through 2 of them) but the rest of my old baseball teammates swore by Louisville Slugger. Great bat. Would love to visit the factory some day.


US, Maryland.


Guelph, Ontario (Canada)


So, we only have people from Anglo-speaking countries so far! However, we do have 5 of the 6 Anglo-majority states, the only one that is missing is Ireland.


Guelph as well! /brofist


In Canada, Ottawa specifically.


By the way, I live in Ontario too, specifically London! So we’ve got quite a few Ontarians here it seems!


The land of the Deep dish pizza, the best pizza.