Happy unofficial start to summer (in this hemisphere)

I’m sipping my orange screwdriver at brunch and just wanted you all to know, I’m happy with this site. I’m glad we are here.

Cheers to all you folk! You guys and gals are good people and I’m glad to be associated with all of you. And happy summer to those of you who are on my side of the globe.

Let’s keep this thing going and continue being awesome.

To you all :beer:


Thanks again to you and the team for putting this all together. Glad to be a part of the community. Lots of wonderful people here. RGB is my go-to online community. Don’t really see that changing.

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P.S. if you’re ever in NYC pm me. The more people I get a chance to meet from this site, the better.

I’m in NY state right now let’s gooo

Happy Summer to all my Nothern Hemisphere friends!

snuggles under blankets

First bumps :clap:

Happy summer! Greets from italy

Gonna go retro game hunting today!

Anyhow, best forum I’ve been active on that I can remember. Such a positive atmosphere, dedicated to what matters most (retro games lol)


love this site too! thanks peltz.

And then you’ll teach us your pick up artist techniques?

-Moderated by Peltz

I guess it means we made it if trolls are coming here.

Is there some sort of summer time history with pick up artistry?

Not to my knowledge

Summer in the city here in Oslo too!