What is the best way, in terms of quality, to play Wii games?


I had read about the best image and performance is from Wii models RVL 101. I saw too people saying Wii U is the best place. I listened people saiyng Wii u the worst choice. Someone here knows Whats is the best way to play? What is the best bet For pvms? And for consumer crts? And for HD tvs?


The best way is on a widescreen HD CRT, with Component cables.
Not the easiest way though.


Out of those options, widescreen HD component CRT as said above

…but really, the best way is dolphin in native HD/4K:


The image difference between earlier Wiis and later Wiis is pretty slight.

Personally I’m really happy with how mine looks out via component to an OSSC set to use upsample2x to 960p with very faint scanlines.

I don’t have great screenshots on hand but this is from a few months ago.

I don’t want to start a holy war but I think that Wii and 480 native consoles actually look better output at their original res than they do upres’d in emulators. A lot of effects are designed around low res and look right that way, but fall apart at higher resolution


yeah there’s pretty much two best ways: one being getting the best out of the original hardware and its resolution on the intended display, the other being cranking all the numbers up, be it by upscaling, emulating at higher res, all the shenanigans needed to display it on a modern flat screen with fixed pixels.


emulator in 4k i think is a far option from 4:3 crts, how is the best option in crts, Wii u or Wii ?


Yes great Images are possible but cgs and other things are poor no?


I wouldn’t recommend a Wii U from what others have said:



yup I have my wii connected via component into OSSC


Good information, thanks


In a dorm room in 2007 with all your roommates and friends from around campus.

Oh… and those other answers above too.



Yeah Wii Sports, Smooth Movies and NSMB Wii were the local multi silver age for me. I have never been as angry at anyone as when someone stole my power up in NSMBW…


Ha! Not to derail, but you guys were lucky. I was fortunately enough to catch the end of the NES era and the beginning of the Genesis/SNES era in college ('89-'93) so it was all two player action for the most part. I have fantastic memories of NHLPA '93, Bulls vs. Lakers, Tecmo Super Bowl, Street Fighter II, and especially Streets of Rage 2! We also beat Ninja Gaiden on NES with like three guys taking turns over a few days. Some of those jumps… murder.


Running Dolphin on a MacBook both runs Wii games nicely, and provided me with a new appreciation of both the Wii and gaming on a Mac.

For me, this was the Switch before the Switch.


This is the one time where I say that emulation (Dolphin) is the best way to play.


No no, i lived all eras as a kid after as a teen (Wii). Nothing was so extraordinary as 16 bits era, i think


Odd timing for this topic but here is the chinese Nvidia shield port of Mario Galaxy.

This console is the same as the Switch. IMO, its best to wait till e3 to see whats going to happen.


I like all this stuff but in this way i will die with original hardware, i have a xbox enhanced game, ninja gaiden black in my xbox x, sometimes is beautiful, but sometimes is awful, when you enter in the pause screen, the cgs, and the difference between scenario and the people in the game, some is not correct (appears a editing mounting from the old cinema), you win in one side and loose in other, its how loose the balance of all. This version of mario its a step ahead, but games how these needs real remasters, i want to pay for good remasters, not for dolphin work


Yeah, I’ve been buying and playing a lot of Super Famicom games recently that I never played in the era. They hold up so well. 16-bit was probably the best for me as well with 32-bit not far behind IMO.