Wii Virtual Console Shutdown Countdown and Recommendation Thread


I have a feeling Switch’s VC is going to be partly subscription based along with a la carte options.


Why no Orbient?

Excitebike wasn’t very good. Pretty much the original game remade in 2.5D. Didn’t add much at all.


Are you thinking of Excitebike World Rally?

I think the version on the Wii VC is exactly like the NES version.


I didn’t realize World Rally was a 1:1 remake. That definitely would not be worth buying if true.

I have looked a bit into Orbient. Maybe I’ll look closer. I can replace one $10 slot if I remove World Rally.


Excitebike World Rally was a brand new game that utilized some of the same features of Excite Truck with morphing track jumps and shake to restore. The tracks were all new for the game and frankly, it was an excellent game played either off or online but I especially loved the online game.

It’s simple fun just like the original with some of the series additions from later.


I didn’t get as much fun from it as you seemed to have. And I say that as a HUGE Excite Truck fan.


I loved World Rally. It was like classic Excitebike and SMS Enduro Racer had a baby.


Hm, I still have 100 points…


I’m having trouble connecting to buy points :frowning:


Does anyone know if the PAL version of Iron Clad runs at 60hz? Since the Wii VC release is a ROM of the unreleased MVS version, would a future release, as part of Hamster’s Arcade Archives, be possible?


Uh oh. That sucks. I’m definitely getting on late tonight to snag mine. Hopefully the one server they have left being powered by a hamster wheel won’t be overloaded…


Beginning to do my last minute downloads of VC games I never got around to adding to my VC roster starting with Chrono Trigger and Gleylancer, will get to the rest tomorrow. Don’t forget it’s also last chance to get add on content for games like Mega Man 9&10! Just got done adding rest of the DLC for both.


I thought I read that this DLC was included in the Legacy Collection Vol. 2 version. Anyone know if that’s correct?


It likely is. It’s also available on PSN and XBLA.


Decided against Splatterhouse and Ordyne because you can get arcade perfect versions pretty easily by other means - as an unlockable in the 2010 Splatterhouse remake, and on Namco Museum Vol. 4, which is $6 on PSN.

Also got one of my prices wrong and have $2. So I guess I’ll spend $10 more and either get $12 game or two $6 ones.


Looks like I am going to get the rebirth series but honestly I don’t know if I care that much for them. I would much rather buy games that are 240p to play on my CRT instead. If I do buy a rebirth game, I think it will be Contra as the other games just look ok.

That said, I am thinking its going to be all Neo Geo and TG16/CD games

Rondo of Blood
Shock Troopers
Magic Lord
Metal Slug Games (haven’t decided which to get anyone played them all?) (I’ve only played 1, 3 and X).
Iron Clad looks alright.
I love Fatal Fury 2 and Samurai Shodown 2

Any other specific recommendations for NEO GEO/PCE/TG games?


Do you like baseball at all? Baseball Stars 2 is the greatest baseball game ever made. I also love League Bowling. It’s simple but with tons of personality and so much fun to play!

Definitely check the list of things that aren’t available on other machines though. The imports, etc. This might be the only chance to get a bunch of these games legally for a very long time.


Realized I need Alien Solider…


I was able to connect! Added 200 bucks lol. The maximum. I owe a lot to the original Wii VC. It helped me get back into retro gaming. It has tons of issues (lack of true account system, the upcoming shutdown), but it’s legal, supports 240p for tons of stuff, and has a decent selection.


I connected last night as well. It was fun to browse the popular titles and see so many hidden gems™ and imports.

I added 1000 points to bring me up to 1800, enough for one of the three Rebirth games and likely another WiiWare title (somehow I only own the first LostWinds). Leaning towards stopping there due to the lack of Switch VC specifics and potential for Konami to finally decide to port more of their Konami/Hudson catalog right after the Wii shop closes. Also, wow the Final Fantasy spinoff games and their DLC is pricey.