HD Retrovision temporarily closing their online shop

FYI in case this affects anyone’s purchase plans. I just got an email from their mailing list where they’ve let everyone know that they are closing the shop on July 1st. It’s supposed to be temporary in order to allow them to focus on dev work like the Dreamcast cables.

We’re still moving forward with placing new orders for our existing products, but while those are getting manufactured, we need to focus our attention on getting development done. We’ll of course share a reopening date to this mailing list when we have one.

If there’s something you’d like to order directly from us, please do it by the end of June. Though our shop will be temporarily closed after that, Castlemania Games and Retrostuff.ca will remain open and may have stock of whatever you’re looking for.

Kind of frustrating as I’m still trying to get ahold of their Genesis component cables, but if helps make the DC cables a reality, I’ll take the short term pain for the long term gain. It’s a shame they haven’t been able to get the manufacturing and sales operations running separately from the development side.

Edit: Should also mention that there may be stock available at Castlemania Games and Retrostuff.ca in limited quantities.

All this time they have yet to release a product that features HD in any way lol.

Mega drive/Genny had HD graphics


Not mine, but it does have an AV Intelligent Terminal and is suitable for High Grade Multipurpose Use.

I’ve always been under the impression this is a side gig for them so the email wasn’t too shocking to me.

I have both their SNES and Genny component cables. Great products and great build. They resell for a ton too.

Well I’ll be damned, just noticed that Retrostuff.ca actually has the Genesis cables in stock, but won’t ship to the US. Any chance there’s a northern neighbor willing to order and send them to me?