Will Labo be a hit?

I just cancelled my Labo preorder. I just don’t think I have the room for cardboard right now. I really do want that piano though.

Now that we are almost at 4/20 (hehe) how are you feeling labo will do? Personally, I do think it’s going to be a successful fad similar in popularity to amiibo a few years ago. What do you think?

I’m unsure if it will be a massive success like Amiibo but I commend them for giving kids an outlet to create. If I had children I would definitely be buying them labo.

I’ve heard that Japan is really excited about it and I’ll be in Japan next week. I’ll let you know if I see a shit ton of cardboard Gundams running around.

Amiibo hit collectors right in the feels. Adults bought them en masse to put them on shelves unopened.

Labo is a different beast. No doubt it will be bought by some collectors too (and possibly twice if they’re curious), but the main market is kids. If Nintendo get them to like the concept, and is able to keep selling new designs, then I have no doubt it will succeed.

I don’t know if it’ll be like Amiibos, but I think it will sell pretty well. The few kids I know seem to be excited for it and want it. I have no plans to get it myself, but I think it will be a success for the market it’s targeted for.

It will sell great at launch and probably lag a bit after that unless you start seeing some really amazing creations right away. I do think it’s going to be huge for the Holidays, though. Lots of parents are going to love the idea of getting their kids a game that’s actually going to teach them something useful and interesting. People in general just like to know how shit works and this will be perfect for that inquisitive mind!

Oh I disagree. I think this is going to be the “tickle me Elmo” of this year if Nintendo is smart and creates a bundle for it with Switch hardware.

As an adult, I truly want to play with this thing. I just don’t have the storage space for it though. But if I had the room, I’d totally grab both sets right now.

In part, I admit, it’s due to my love of Nintendo and all their weird experiments. So the collector in me is driving my interest. But I think it’s a very cool idea in general.

I hope you’re right. I think the space concern is something a lot of people are going to be thinking about, and man, I love all of Nintendo’s weird stuff. I think it really depends how viral it becomes. Also depends how well they stock it…

I was going to get the piano kit. My kids are are all teens driving age and up now so the robot came about four years too late for them, but I backed off for now. That’s mainly because my house needs a bunch of work so I’m trying to cut back on game buying for a little bit (which I’m absolutely terrible at right now… just wait til my recent eBay purchase gets here to post it… I have a great story with that. lol!)

The thing that hooked me into amiibo was getting a figure for a game that almost didn’t even get released here (Shulk/Xenoblade). It was my gateway into a world that I really am not that into, figures and toys. Combined with my ocd I now own all the amiibo. So far from what I’ve seen I don’t have any desire to get Labo. Not trying to disparage it, there just hasn’t been a hook to it like there was for amiibo that would get me in, and that is fine since I don’t feel that I’m it’s intended audience and not everything needs to appeal to me.

But will it be a success? Sure whynot. Just personally it doesn’t have the same appeal as amiibo did and I don’t think they are comparable situations.

Some amazing things being built with Labo. People are making their own games!

From my experience now, Labo at the very least requires a social element. Doing it by yourself might be ‘neat’ or whatever but what is great is working with someone, ideally kids or family I guess, but friends/girlfriend etc works too.

I think it fits in the same space as doing a puzzle or playing a board game. Absolutely perfect for a weekend away activity.

As such I think it will be a slow burner. Say if they release a Variety Kit 2, I will absolutely buy it to keep on hand for a rainy weekend activity, but I’m not rushing to make it all up immediately right now. I would only consider the robot if I had a weekend away with my nieces though, pretty big investment for just one ‘item’ in that case.

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For anyone interested.

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