WTS Mister FPGA 32gb with case and analog board. $250 shipped - SOLD

It includes analog board for CRT,32gb ram,128gb sd card,usb dongle and power cable. There is a usb hub attached but it doesnt work so you’ll need to use the dongle. Its updated and loaded with games so plug and play through both hdmi and vga if you use a crt.

Asking 250 shipped in usa.


Screaming deal for anyone wanting to get into Mister. I’ve talked myself out of it as I don’t need a second Mister. A DE10-Nano alone is ~$200 with shipping/tax right now.

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Hey there! I am interested. I only just made an account to reply to this, but I’m very active on the discord server. Looks like you haven’t been around in there since 2017.

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