WTB: XRGB Framemeister Mini

Title says it all. After contemplating getting a PVM for a long time I’ve decided that a Framemeister would be much more feasible with my current set up and entertainment center needs (My TV is a 2007 1080p Hitachi Plasma, might be getting a 4K TV in the coming year so another reason I’m going this route assuming Framemeisters work OK with 4K TVs?) eBay prices seem kind of outrageous these days though ($500-700, is that normal?). Preferably boxed and complete, my Turbo Duo and Saturn are the primary systems I’d be using with it, my Duo is RGB modded and has a custom SCART RGB cable made by the person who modded it (Keith Courage of the PC FX forums) but no RGB cable for my Saturn so am also in the market for that. Anyways please reply/PM with any offers. :grinning: