WTS: Sony PVM 2030

Selling a Sony PVM 2030. It’s in alright condition. The front side panel sticker thing is a bit peeled but it still works fine. There is a dent on the top of the PVM but it hasn’t effected the display at all so the damage is merely cosmetic.
Of note, this PVM supports S-Video but RGB is only supported through a D-Sub 25 pin connection so keep that in mind if you want to use this.

I’m looking to get $150 but feel free to send me an offer since I do want this taken off my hands. I live in Los Angeles and would prefer to sell Locally since I wouldn’t know where to begin to ship this.


Hi. I realize this is a little bit of a late reply, but is this unit still available by chance? I am definitely interested, and I happen to be in the LA area for the next few days.

Yeah this post is old, It’s not available anymore. Should probably lock this thread.