WTS: Backlit GBA with Brightness Switch, Zelda, Metroid (SOLD)

Hello! I’m looking to sell my backlit modded GBA. I had it on eBay for a bit but I’d rather not deal with the hassle of fees, chargebacks and such. I’ll copy and paste the description I had on my listing:

This is a Gameboy Advance console with a high quality backlit screen installed - something that the original design lacked. I’ve added a brightness switch under the battery compartment to choose between low or high brightness levels. I’ve installed a scratch resistant glass screen and also replaced the buttons and speaker with new ones.

The console shell is original, not a third party replacement. It is in fantastic condition other than a tiny bit of plastic that snapped off inside the battery bay as pictured - but with the battery cover on, you can’t see it.

Battery life is still 15-20 hours, but bear in mind that the power LED has a habit of switching between red and green when using li-on batteries or rechargables rather than alkaline. This isn’t a fault of the console, it’s simply due to how the power is discharged and happens with all GBA consoles.

Console comes with two games - Zelda: Minish Cap and Metroid Fusion. The two carts are repros, not originals, but they function perfectly and in one way are actually superior to the originals as they use flash ram for saves rather than a battery.


I’m looking for £70 within the UK or the equivalent plus postage if overseas. Let me know!

Making something I just said in another thread difficult…maybe I will get two of these…

Interested, is this an AGS-101 screen?

Am super interested. How much to ship it to France?

Whoops. Sorry guys, this is sold! Forgot to update the thread.

Can be closed now.

Thread closed!