WTB - Original model GBA with AGS-101 mod.

Looking for an original wide-bodied GBA with AGS-101 screen mod or something comparable. Would ship to US. Flexible on price.

We’ve been talking about these in the Discord.


@Conezays reached out to the seller to get some more info/details. Seems promising.

Nice, thank you!

I had been checking out some eBay sellers but wasn’t sure if anybody on here already had one that they were trying to sell.

Anybody actually buy from this seller yet? If so, how was the experience?

Thanks for the shout out! So yes, the seller offers free tracking with shipping to North America. I’ll let you know if I pull the trigger on the purchase. I am certainly tempted to…but what colour do I choose? :sweat_smile: @khaz is also considering purchasing from this seller I believe.

All right, I bought the Spiced Orange GBA! Will post impressions here once it arrives.

Haha that’s the color I was looking at :wink:

Please do report back!

yep, I was looking at this seller, which is slightly cheaper but doesn’t ship to the US for some reason.

But it’s very likely to be the same guy anyway.

[edit] Aaand it’s done. A purple GBA is on its way.

@khaz has also joined in purchasing one of these. Fingers crossed they both turn out fine! At worst, the seller offers returns and free return shipping so not a huge deal.

I’ve never had any problem as a buyer on ebay. Worst come to worst, I’m confident to be able to get a refund easily.

This is the seller I was contemplating.

A bit more expensive, but more customization options and shipping within the US.

I used this seller a few months ago with average results. Ordered the first week in December to arrive well before Christmas, but somehow the GBA was shipped and then “lost.” Instead of trying to track the package, the seller said he’d make another one ASAP. Didn’t arrive until the first week in Jan, and the unit had some larger than expected gaps in the shell. It all seemed like he screwed up the order and forgot to make/ship it, and made up a story while he scrambled to fix it.

I fixed the shell myself and other than that everything else has been great. Maybe it was just holiday logistics that caught him off guard.

I’m curious to know the outcome. These prices are much reasonable than ones I’ve seen in the UK.

Always my biggest problem…which I say every time a modded GBA is brought up…

By the by, you still going to get back to making these things @Peagles? Been a while since I’ve seen you say anything about making more. No rush or anything, just checking in.

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Thanks for the info, @fester. Glad you at least managed to sort it it out now. Fingers crossed the seller khaz and I ordered from works out.

Yeh, I intend to! In fact if I make a point of making time to do it, they don’t actually take too long to put together.

Not sure I’d be very competitive price wise though, everything was a lot more spendy when I got my parts, and of course the ribbon cables I use still cost a dime. Worth it if you want the 5 brightness levels though IMO.

Good to hear. And since I’m in no rush and want something of high quality I will continue to wait. :3

What colour are you after? I’ll have a prod through my stuff today and see what I can find.

Maybe I should sell one off for charity too :slight_smile:

All proceeds go to @Peagles’s save the CRTs effort, in which Peagles buys them and hordes them. A worthy cause :smiley:

First post here, hi all. I’ve been looking at those GBA’s from that exact seller for a while now but haven’t pulled the trigger as the one modded GBA I ordered from China couple of years ago was really poor (from different seller to be clear). Excited to hear how these really are.

The million dollar question isn’t it? Nearly all the colors look good so I am having a lot of trouble deciding. Probably try for black just out of default even though there are others I would probably like more. What is the situation with the shells anyway? Are OEM ones an options or are they all third party? Would kinda want an official one unless the third party ones are just as good now.

Damn, I just built and sold a few with Bennvenn’s voltage regulator!

I may have more at some point, but not for a good while.