WTS or Trade PVMs in Various Condition

I have a few PVMs I’d like to sell or trade for similar non-Sony models. Pictures incoming as soon as I can clean up a space to take them.

PVM-1954Q: Good condition, with nice bright picture and no obvious defects. I have opened and cleaned the unit but done no internal adjustments or recapping. “Sony” badge is missing. $700


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PVM-1954Q: This unit is in poor condition due to dim picture and poor geometry. I received the unit in this condition and do not know enough to diagnose the problem. I am willing to run simple tests on the set for interested buyers. $350 as-is.

PVM-1354Q: Set is in good condition, bright picture and good geometry. All original components with no internal cleaning/recapping. $350 each

I also have other 13” monitors that max out at S-video composite. I have a Panasonic, a few Sony (PVM 14NU and similar) and JVC 13SU.

Looking for trades for JVC - TM-H1950C or similar Panasonic or Ikegami PVMs in similar size or condition. Would trade all sets for a good condition 20L5, 20” BVM, or similar JVC model (DTV 1910cg). Would also consider trade or credit for 27-32" consumer sets with component and s-video input such as Sony FV-310, JVC D-series, or Toshiba AF series.

I am located in southeastern KY but I am willing to drive up to 2 hours for delivery/pick-up. Would highly prefer not to ship.

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