WTS Ultimate Gameboy Player Setup for GameCube

Selling my GameCube Gameboy Player setup. As far as I know, this is the best way to play Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance games on your tv through a scaler or linedoubler (it looks awesome with OSSC).

I don’t want to split any of these items up yet (only will consider if it doesn’t sell), so they all need to sell together. Here is what is included

  • PAL GameCube (NA/JP doesn’t output RGB) with US power supply and a shielded/braided RGB SCART cable.

  • Action Replay v1.06. This is needed to run GBI (gameboy interface) instead of the default gameboy player software. You can also use this to run NA GCN discs.

  • Action Replay memory card and SD adapter/loader. You’ll need this to run GBI as well. It’s also loaded with Swiss.

  • Hori digital gamepad. The best controller to use for gameboy player hands down! It’s in very good condition, I’ve barely used it and I’ve been the only owner.

  • Gameboy Player. Self explanatory.

Please check the gallery for photos. I can always provide additional photos if requested. The power button and front panel of the GameCube has some yellowing to it that might not pick up well in the photos. Other than that, I think the condition can be seen pretty well on all the other items.

Asking price for the entire bundle is $290 shipped. I can only ship to the lower 48 states. It will come with tracking and fully insured. I can request signature confirmation if you live in a shady area. Here is the breakdown for how I priced everything:

PAL Cube + Power & SCART - $80
Gameboy Player (no startup disc) - $20
Action Replay + Memory Card and SD adapter/SD Card - $60
Hori Digital Gamepad - $130

Let me know if interested, I can be a little flexible on the pricing.

Links to eBay and NintendoAge profiles for feedback:

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I have the same setup, but instead use a North American GCN with component cables. Every other aspect of my setup is the same, and frankly, it really is the best way to play GB, GBC, and GBA games if you have a display that supports GBI ULL.

In case you’re curious, I happen to know the following displays work in ULL mode from first hand experience:

PVM 20m2u
PVM 14m2u
PVM 20l5

Oh, and the Hori Digital Pad is sublime too.

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Thanks for the added info on compatible displays!

I opted for the PAL cube + RGB SCART only because it was less expensive than trying procure a component cable. If you were only wanting to play on modern displays, an EON HDMI adapter on a NA cube would also work well.

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if only there was delivery to UK :frowning: Probably cost me an arm/leg to get it shipped.

If you’re genuinely interested we might be able to work it out. I just get nervous about shipping over seas. I can try to estimate the cost, If its not too bad I’ll ship free (probably end up being less than eBay fees and whatnot anyway).

If its still with you by July then PM me. Maybe we can work something out. Got to put some money aside for my trip next month so I might have some leftover cash after that. Good luck with your sale.