WTB gamecube memory card with GBI installed and ready

Hello, I am trying to play Gameboy Advance games on my Gamecube with as nice of a picture quality as possible. To do this, I need to get the Gameboy Interface working on the Gamecube. I found a tutorial video nicely explaining how to do the process, but I lack all the required components to do so (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdvY1vx5vMo&t=).

Is someone able to sell me a memory card with all of the needed files saved on it to run the GBI? I already have a Gamecube, Gameboy Player, and Wind Waker game in order to boot up the GBI with. Thank you.

I’m in the US, Texas

I could sort you out with this at cost price though I am in the UK and postal services between US/UK are not great at the moment and always end up being expensive compared to other international destinations.

So it is better if you can find some on your side of the ocean instead, but if you can’t hit me up another time when this pandemic is not so bad and I’ll try to sort it out for you.

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Why don’t you just pick up a copy of SD Media Launcher? It works great and I’ve got mine set up to auto boot into Swiss when I turn my GC on, but there’s no reason you can’t make it autoboot into GBI and use it like a replacement GBP disc.

Hey Listai, One of my problems was that I don’t have access to a comp0uter that actually has a SD card slot, but I may have figured out a fix for that. What do you need to do to make the SD Media Launcher autoboot into GBI? Thank you!

All you need to do is rename the GBI.dol to AUTOEXEC.dol and place it in the root directory.

If you have an android phone that would be pretty doable with a file manager. The only issue though is the card has to be less than 4GB. I ended up buying one on eBay for $5.

I didn’t know about the autoboot trick. This is handy.

It’s great! I just turn my console on and I can run backups via SD2SP2 or boot into GBI.

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This AUTOEXEC move has been a great simple QOL improvement for me!! Seems like a weird thread to give props in but wanted to say thanks!!!

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Glad I could help - I learned about it through RetroRGB’s video

It’s a great way to have a nice easy solution until I eventually pick up a GCLoader.

I finally got my SD Media Launcher in the mail and things are working great! My only problem at the moment is that I’m currently needing to run Swiss in order to run the games at 240p resolution. Is there a way to force this through only using the GBI?

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I used to have a combined dol+cli that did that but I dont remember if modern versions of gbi include that any more.

One simple thing you can do is just copy swiss’s dol to autoexec.dol and then the sd media launcher will autostart that and you’ll just have swiss as the menu. Then if you want to autostart gbi you can copy the dol to “boot.dol” to have swiss in turn auto start the gbi dol.

Hey Poptart, I just tried out your idea and it seems to work, but you still lose all the startup options when you start GBI from swiss. This seems to be no different from using the gbisr.dol as the autoexec.dol file, except with an extra step, is that correct?

GBI-SR seems to work perfectly fine for me except for a weird flickering that is happening to the border design. This flickering is not at all present in the standard GBI, so I’m not quite sure what is causing it. I’m actually hoping that this will be fixed soon because I’m getting a converter so that I can use some component cables instead of my current s-video, which will allow me to use GBI-HF instead.

You might also need to copy the options configured for the gbi dol to boot dol. There’s a swiss.ini that saves per file settings.

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Yeah its no different - you’re just doing manually what the autoexec.dol is automating for you.

What options are you missing? I have insurrection industries carby component cables so I use the SR edition that extrems made for those cables so I might be a bit out of the loop in terms of customisation.

Well, I haven’t figured out how to get the GBI to auto start with things like 240p and analog audio.That’s not a problem for right now since GBI-SR is the best way for me to play while using an S-Video cable, I just have to put up with the awkward border flickering that seems to only be present in GBI-SR.

I thought that once I am able to start using component cables in the near future I would need to start using GBI-HF for the best result and it would probably have some of the settings that I would need to manually adjust like the GBI does. I ordered the Eon Mk-2 adapter and the HD Retrovision Wii component cables.

Listai, why are you choosing to use GBI-SR instead of HF if you are using the carby component cables? Can’t you get a better look out of HF?

Also, as a side note, why the heck did Carby stop making those component cables?! That is so frustrating to me that I can’t find them lol

Doesn’t only the SR work with the Carby components? Straight no frills 240p. The other ones have a big black bar down the center (at least for me). The Carby cables aren’t as 100% reverse engineered as we had hoped (still great and worth the asking price!) from my understanding.

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Just writing to report the aftermath of all of this. I finally received the GCHD Eon MK 2 and a set of Wii RetroVision HD cables. I got it all hooked up to my Trinitron TV and the screen was completely scrambled looking.

You can pair some IR remote controls in order to get into the settings of the Eon Mk2. I had to order this controller to do so: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B001ULCTKM?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title

After getting that controller and getting into the settings, I had to turn off the “line doubler” setting and that fixed the picture issue. After that, I messed with the different versions of the GBI and found the GBI-HF is definitely the way to go now that I’m using component cables. It looks fantastic!

The last thing that I did was copy and rename the GBI-HF.dol file to be autoexec.dol, so now all the I need to do is run the Action Replay disk with the SD memory card in and it auto boots the the GBA game in the slot. The whole setup is really great looks wonderful :D.


Sorry I missed this somehow, but bobble is right - the carby component cables only work with SR for now. No frills 240p just happens to be what I’m after so there are no issues for me.

That said there’s nothing to stop extrems from porting the other versions over but I think we’re lucky to get anything given he doesn’t think particularly highly of the product.

For the price you may as well import a Japanese D-Terminal Cable and then use a cheap D-Terminal to component adaptor.