Yellowing old consoles - The Solution (literally)


Why I also wouldn’t use it on a glossy screen. It is exactly that, a light sandpaper, but incredibly light and works well for getting rid of small surface scratches. While you can remove textures you would really really have to be trying to do that. And use multiple erasers since they would erode away faster then any non super soft plastics. That is just in my experience though.


Very interesting video… Can’t say I would have believed it otherwise. Thanks for the info!


Huh, I have a pretty nasty scratch in the bottom middle part of the screen I’m using right now… I’ve sort of gotten used to it by now, but maybe I should give this a try!


As long as its not a glossy screen you will be fine. Obviously start gentle and ramp it up. Do it a minute or so at a time and then reappraise the situation.


Wish me luck, gonna try oxyclean only!


Good luck! Don’t forget to post your results.


Will do! I only got the outer screws undone before baby woke up but on the plus I did get my workbench nearly cleared, so I should have much easier access for tinkering when I get a few spare moments.

I should also mention I do have the original lens for this Gameboy too, I’ll look at reattaching it after the de-yellow.


Looks like the perfect restoration project. Good luck peags!


So the sun shied away and it got a bit overcast, but after a deep clean and day one it’s looking a bit better.

I’ll pop it out again tomorrow, hopefully it’s sunnier!


I did my SNES and a green goblin DC arcade stick and I left both outside for a good 5-7 days before I was satisfied with the results


I need to do this to a SNES and SFC controller.

5-7 days? In the Sun? Hmm, I guess I’ll make a note to try this in July, lol. Yeah Pacific NW!


Yeh I didn’t see much change after day 2. Not sure I have the patience for this method… maybe I’ll go back to bleach creme…


If you want to take it indoors, you can use a Tupperware tub, line it with tinfoil, and order some UV LEDS on Amazon. I’ve seen this on a few different retro themed YouTube channels and it seems to work really well.


I did it in the middle of August too when it was over 30c everyday!


In summer in Sydney things turn blinding white in like 20 minutes haha. Who needs ozone?


You could use my method. Buy a lot of DMGs because you can’t find a single at a good price and swap your shell >_>


Hmm weird. I get that here with creme bleach but not with oxyclean only. We also lack ozone and when I’ve been to Australia your sun seems way less burny.


I recently (this summer) had really good results with a Commodore 64C.





Okay I actually had to leave it out for a ridiculous amount of time before all the yellow was gone, but at least it didn’t require much effort or attention.


I used the creme developer method on a yellowed SFC. It wasn’t completely cured after the first day so I washed it off, reapplied, and left it in the sun a second day. Unfortunately, I think I overdid it because it has splotches of white where it should be off-white; no yellow though. I’m not sure if this was due to the strong North Carolina sun or if the developer wasn’t applied evenly enough. I tried to get it nice and even then covered it in one layer of plastic wrap so the creme wouldn’t dry out. Maybe I should have skipped the plastic wrap?

Oh well; live and learn I suppose.