New & Limited Release Physical Retro Games Thread |OT| The "LRG" & Crowdfunding for Retro folk like us!

This thread is targeted towards new Physical game releases for our beloved Retro consoles. It is not for repros or anything like that, but fresh new content being developed for consoles such as NES, SNES, Genesis, Dreamcast and more!

I’ll start with a new release on Kickstarter I came across on a random blog.

It’s by dumb luck that I recently came across the game for the Genesis/Dreamcast. Xenocrisis Now funding @ Indiegogo


Please share your links and photos of anything we can get our hands on :slight_smile:

Cash-in Culture has two games that are Halloween themed:

Haunted: Halloween '85 & its sequel Haunted: Halloween '86 The Curse Of Possum Hollow available CiB, Cart only (grey and colored), and Famicom versions too!


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Megacat Studios has a bunch of NES games and a Genesis release as well. Here are links to each:

Justice Duel

Creepy Brawlers

Creeping it Reel (8-bit Music Vdeo)


Little Medusa

Almost Hero

City Trouble


Coffee Crisis (Genesis)

Spoony Bard Productions brings you…

Eskimo Bob

Twin Dragons is available for pre-order from Broke Studio.

Twin Dragons

I highly recommend Cash-in Culture’s games. Both are very good and I can’t wait for info on their next one.

Just backed Xenocrisis at the physical box and manual Genesis / Megadrive level.

Just came across Piko Interactive which seems to have a wide selection of games for multiple platforms.

What do you guys think about those retrobit re-release carts? I was iffy with Joe and Mac, but thst Rtype and Holy Diver are kinda drawing my attention.

Personally I feel they’re no better than a Chinese multi cart.

Yeah thats what drew me away from the first release :sweat_smile: