eBay 15% off through 8 pm EST 11/21

Figured they would do one this week!


I managed to get Gun Nac for $125 with this,nice! I screwed up though,I thought you could use this more than once. Wanted to pick up Mighty Final Fight and Bucky Ohare,oh well.

Nice get. I’ve created a “discount ready” list on my ebay profile for just these situations. I’m tired of getting left out. It’s always such a short window.

Yeah, you can only use it once, but on multiple items. Doesn’t have to be from the same seller. Just load up the cart and use it when you pay for the whole lot.

Damn! I was not prepared! I will have to do something though. I had a few things pop into my head recently so I’ll definitely act on this one.


  1. Coupon is only valid when you buy within the latest version of the eBay Mobile App on iOS or Android.

Ah weird. You can’t use desktop? So odd…

One of the other coupon codes worked like that, too. They want to drive people into using the app more I guess? Shop on the go! :unamused:

Good timing on this! No games this time but have had my eye on two Red Pocket 360 day prepaid cards and a new phone for my SO… nearly bit before this coupon came about. Came out at just enough to get the max taken off.

The app exclusive thing isn’t a deal breaker but kind of obnoxious (don’t recall that ever being a requirement before).

I stupidly sold my GameCube collection when I got rid of my Wii (what was I thinking?)

Today I picked up Sunshine, F Zero GX, Wind Waker, & Luigi’s Mansion.

I am still missing a few games. Mario Kart DD, FE (probably just play it on my wii and not spend $100), Metal Gear, Melee, Wave Race, 1080, Ikaruga (doubt I will buy it), The RE Games and the list goes on but its manageable.

I also picked up Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright.


Rask: Merged your post with the existing thread :slight_smile:

Enjoy the savings everyone!

Nice pickups! Be sure to post them when they arrive!

I own two copies of F-Zero GX, because I don’t ever want to have a problem playing that game. It is brilliant. Gamecube, for my money, was probably the number one console for my kids throughout their lives so far. I think they invested more hours in that system than any other to date. Wii was a close second, though.

…aaaaaand I pulled the trigger on a couple things myself after lots of thought. I’m honestly full up on things to play, but I couldn’t help myself. I’ve got Baten Kaitos for Gamecube and Crossed Swords II for Neo Geo CD on the way. :slight_smile:

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Got a Super Game Boy 2 and the Zelda Tips & Tactics guide published by Nintendo. Wanted to buy another CIB NES game but the seller wasn’t taking PayPal… boo.

That’s still possible in 2018? Wow.

Nice buy on the SGB2. I got one in another sale. It’s been a great addition to the collection for play on Super Nt.

Used it to buy Nier for PS3!

Thanks :smiley: