18 years later, and Shenmue 3 is almost here!

shipping info says my copy should be in hand tomorrow night - nearly 2 decades of waiting & believing, and I’m still not ready!

anyone else on this hype train with me & the whiskey or nah


I’m hyped. Mine’s in the mail. Hopefully it will make it here by the 19th. I didn’t mind waiting years for it to be developed but it will annoy me if my Kickstarter copy arrives after retail stores get it.

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Mine is shipped as well, but gonna wait until I replay Shenmue 2 HD

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I’m interested to hear what people’s expectations are with this.

I’m holding out hope that there’s a new Virtua Fighter getting green lit after this.

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Preliminarily, I’ve heard very good things about it. Apparently, Shenmue fans won’t be disappointed.

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Mine has shipped and I can hardly believe it is finally happening. I haven’t paid attention to any of the KS updates or anything, I want to go in completely surprised.

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I can’t wait! Replayed both initial games with my sons in tow, so they’re also super excited to continue Ryo’s adventure. :slight_smile:

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Been playing this little by little the last 3 days. It’s just how Shenmue should be.

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this feels just like where it left off, and is so worth the wait. i couldn’t be happier so far.


My thoughts after finishing Shenmue III:

  • I’m impressed with how much they nailed the Shenmue atmosphere and feel. It’s kind of surreal at times. This was so important to do right.

  • I’m guessing they feared the game would be too short so they added unnecessary padding. Having some tedious work elements is part of the Shenmue experience but this game takes it too far; the fighting levelling system brings down the pacing.

  • The new music is great but not quite as catchy or memorable as previous tunes.

  • Maybe it’s because I fear the series being cancelled but I wish this game furthered the story more than it did.

  • Overall as a huge Shenmue fan, I’m satisfied with game and it’s a miracle it exists and turned out as well as it did. It’s my least favourite of the three Shenmue game because of padding issues and not being quite as memorable, though.

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