What are you playing? Screen(shot) edition!

I wanna see what you all are playing! Retro…modern…completed…in progress…doesn’t matter. No restrictions. Just wanna see those SCREENSHOTS.

Mods if you think this thread is redundant feel free to close it, but the other threads I saw seemed to have stipulations (scanlines, completed). My apologies in advance if I missed a generic screenshot thread.

If you all wouldn’t mind listing the game and platform in case someone sees something they wanna play that would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Mortal Kombat Legacy Collection // Mortal Kombat 2 // Steam

Fun idea for a thread! I like it.

I’m currently playing Kingdom Hearts: Rechain of Memories on the PS4 collection. I’m in the middle of the “second quest” after you finish it… and man, is it MONOTONOUS. Seriously, I’d have ripped my hair out due to boredom if I still had hair.

At least it looks gorgeous in 4k (except the 480i upscaled cutscenes, blech).

I’ve been playing Sonic Spinball. Completed stage 1 for the first time today and somehow stuck with it to beat stage 2.

Also, I like the idea of this thread because I play a lot of games that I do not complete. So I rarely end up posting in the “Completed game screeenshot thread”.

This is the hottest game with my crowd right now. Vidya games are collecting dust

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What’s the deal with this?

Also, I am embarrassingly bad at old MM games…

Mega Man Legacy Collection Vol. 1 // Mega Man 1 // Steam

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Working my way through Fire Emblem:


I’ve been dragging my ass through this as well. Just got to Dr. Wily, and I am having a rough time for sure.

I found Mega Man 1 to be one of the hardest

Time for some new batteries!

Yeah, it looks bad, but I probably have another 10hrs left - it’s one of the most annoying things about using modern rechargeable batteries with a GBA. I should really look into that voltage regulator mod to see if it would help.

Mm1 is the hardest mm game hands down

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Like…enter boss corridor…AND THERE ARE ENEMIES IN IT!?

Wtf is that all about!?

Since I got my MSX connected via RGB, I started replaying SD Snatcher.


This looks awesome. I really should play SD Snatcher, I love the original. I’ve only ever played Metal Gear 1 and 2 on MSX (emulated).

I’m working through Dragon Quest VI on the SNES right now

And on the portable side I’m playing through Apollo Justice on my DSi XL

(Edit: Wow that is a hell of a screen shot out of context lol)

Currently have a severe addiction to Dragon Quest Builders on Switch.

I played a good chunk on Vita in Japanese but kinda burned out after the first chapter. Not sure why I decided to buy this again buy I’m glad I did.

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I was like that with the PS4 port and then I wanted it on the go. Turns out, I lost steam and haven’t even finished the first act yet.

Trying to actually finish a game for once…

Berserk and the Band of the Hawk // Steam

I know the game’s not “great”, but as a fan of Berserk I’m enjoying the mindless slaughter >_>

Damn, Dragon Quest Builders looks fantastic. Must…resist…getting…a Switch…for a little longer.