Dragon Quest 11 OT

Low effort OT is low effort.

Anyone else picking up this game?

Dragon Quest has for decades been my favorite series so of course I’m on board, but I’ve already played this game through on 3DS. Going to spare this thread of my thoughts on the game overall until I make some significant progress on PS4 as I’m trying to give this game another shot.

Been reading about it over the weekend and watched that Tim Rogers video review for Kotaku. Would love to play this. Just started Zelda BotW, though, so I doubt I’ll be touching this one anytime soon.

Arrived in the mail today!
Only an hour or so in, but so far so good! I like thr 3rd person battles, the way gear changes your look, and the graphics overall. I’ll comment more when I’ve had some time to play more.

So today was a fun day. Seems my area of Best buy’s got their shipment delayed. I pre ordered the game me and this morning I got a notice… Out of stock. Will be available Friday.

So I went to two other Best buy’s. Nope. I had to go to GameStop. #sad

I finished the intro and I’m on my way on my adventure. Dragon Quest is such an awesome universe.

^ my current-gen DQ collection.

I’m a little bummed I can’t play this on the 3DS (the system that can play every mainline DQ game save 10). I assume after the PS4 sells what they think they can get for it, the 3DS version will come out and then after the dust settles the ultimate DQ11 on Switch will come with the 2D sprites of the 3ds and the 3d version of the PS4.

I should take an updated photo of all my Dragon Quest games.

I only got to play an hour or so of DQ11 last night because life. Thoughts so far:

  • The camera can be rotated with L1/R1 which I really appreciate. And they have it implemented properly so that even when you have the right analog “inverted” R1 rotates view right and L1 rotates view left.
  • Battles seem fast enough so far; I was worried the overabundance of animations would slow things down more than the 3DS version.
  • Areas seem to fit better in the PS4 version than they did in the 3DS version. Of course they’re very much the same game but it’s to the point that some of the area designs on 3DS didn’t seem sensible in 2D or 3D.
  • On the flip side I have my usual problem with low camera angle 3D RPGs in that I’m getting lost even in very simple villages which didn’t happen on 3DS. Hopefully this is something I can get used to.

I like what I’ve played so far. As @poptart mentioned it’s great to control the camera using L1/R1.

  • Having more control (tactics/macros) over your characters is nice and helps with grinding

  • The map feature is great for finding your destination quickly and pinpointing areas of interest

  • The upgrade/sphere grid is a nice addition but it seems underutilized. I expected Final Fantasy like options.

I look forward to playing some more soon.

It’s a no go for me until it’s on switch. The way my family life is I can only really fit in portable rpgs. Here’s hoping it comes out soon though.

I thought the same but Vita remote play has worked out better than I expected. That combined with just setting the PS4 to rest mode has made playing stuff on that console a lot more workable for me.

Obviously not full portable, though.

Yes, I thought about remote play for this yesterday! I need to dig my Vita out of storage. My 64gb memory card (that I paid a lot of money for) is corrupted so I haven’t touched it in a long time. But I don’t need a card for remote play.

Please keep impressions and discussion coming. I can’t dig into this now but I want to play it. Between this and BotW, I feel like I am entering a period where I can recapture some child-like wonder of gaming again with excellent, modern (not just updated but truly modern) takes on classic franchises.

Is the cover art reversable on the regular edition?

The one I bought was reversible. I’m assuming everything in the launch window will be reversible.

Cool, thanks. I’m still kicking myself on missing out on the special edition box set, ugh.

The way I see it, there is a more than decent chance this game is going to come out on Switch and 3DS. You will have another chance to buy at least one more version of it.

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Yeah, that’s another thing. Grain of salt but there was a tweet last month from someone in Japan who attended a Square Enix company conference of some kind and said it was mentioned by someone there that the Switch version would have “additional content” of some kind. Unfortunately SE said 3DS version will not be localized which is too bad as John Ricciardi said on the latest 8-4 podcast that for him it’s the better/preferred version thanks to all of the 8-bit Streetpass dungeon content.

Plus the cool 8-bit graphics. Best of both worlds. I would love to see that.

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It’s more like 16-bit+ but yeah it’s a neat way to play the game. I preferred it for a lot of reasons but especially because the pacing was much quicker.

Yeah I’m really bummed NOA didn’t just pay to localize the 3DS version, there’s no excuse as they’re still pumping out new 3DS games like Captain Toad, whatever the upcoming Mario & Luigi title is, ect and it would have helped tide Nintendo fans over until the Switch version. Plus it’d be a great treat for loyal 3DS fans.

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EDIT: Never mind, someone on ResetEra clarified that the special edition box and game ARE packaged separately, the steel book comes in the box and the game is just shippiedin the regular retail case separately from all the special items.*

Yeah, this sounds fishy. Guy on eBay has done this same listing at least twice since yesterday for the limited edition, says it’s “sealed and unopened” yet doesn’t come with the game because he decided to keep it. I messaged him and asked him some pointed questions about this and he basically tried to claim that SE shipped the game WITH the LE box but the game itself doesn’t actually come inside the box, is this true? Dealer is “liquidmetalslime” from Staten Island, New York. I get impression he’s just unsealing the boxes and keeping copies of the steelbook game to resell separately later.

Yeah I thought it was weird as fuck when I opened my box up and that was the case.

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I finished the intro. Life’s too busy! If I were 12 years old again I’d be 30 hours in by now.