2nd Annual RGB Spooktacular Game/Beer Month


Okay giving this a go for once. Gone though my potentially spoopy backlog and starting with Yokai Yashiki (Monster House). Really high quality puzzle platformer on FDS by Irem.

You make your way around a maze-like Monster House, collect power ups etc, and have to find the exit of each stage. It was originally an MSX game and so you guessed it - it’s flip screen! Like Vampire Killer, Metal Gear, Montezuma’s Revenge etc.

It’s simple but really fun. Pretty easy in the stage, but I’m stuck on the stage 1 boss…


Nice! I just started playing this as well.

Are you from Edmonton? That’s where I live!


Nope, a little further south to you in snowy Calgary.

I put some more time into Castlevania today, and FINALLY BEAT DEATH. I didn’t even use the Stunlock method, which was mentioned on our Discord last night while I was complaining about that hallway / Death fight. I still need to get the patterns down to get Dracula, and I’m done for tonight, but I’m glad that I was able to get a bit further today. ALMOST DONE…


Ah cool, how was it today? I’m in a group chat on telegram with a bunch of friends, and all the Calgary and Airdrie folks were bitchin’.


Most snow in a single day in October since the 1950s. So yeah, it was bad.


That sounds like the opposite of bad to me.

Every year I hope for it to just keep snowing, covering the world, forever. That is my chosen apocalypse. A nice blanket of snow to fade away in.


First horror game of the month done! I took down Dracula earlier today, finishing the first Castlevania.

What a classic game. Seriously, it’s so good the entire way through. The music, bosses, just the right amount of challenge. Fighting Dracula is great, because it requires precise timing to jump and hit both his forms, and you really start to appreciate how well you’ve learned to control Simon over the journey.

Now… To decide whether I play Castlevania 2 as released, or do I try out one of the many fan patches designed to make the game a little more user friendly…


I wish there were a good quality CIB repro of retranslated+map Castlevania 2. All I could find was cartridges, but I would love to get a pretty manual with clues, and a map like in the original Japanese edition.


The map in the game is a converted version of the one from the Japanese release.

Wow, I just checked out the latest version of the retranslation, it’s got way more stuff now. Including a long animated intro including the final scene of CV1! But the saving is still buggy…

Trivia: there are two versions of the map in the original Japanese versions:


I played the retranslation+map rom hack and it was great!


I know, I just like having stuff printed


What a horrible night to have a curse!

That’s right, tonight I’m starting Castlevania 2. I’m playing with the “Re-translation + Map” patch posted above, and it’s my first time putting more than a few minutes into the game. I’m also drinking a Crookeder Tooth Barrel Aged Pumpkin Ale from Phillips Brewery, as it’s the strongest pumpkin beer I have currently and I think I’ll need it for this one. Let’s get going!

The patched version I’m playing starts with an opening sequence telling the story. Seven years have passed since Simon Belmont defeated Dracula, however he’s been cursed by the battle. The only way to cure himself is to gather the pieces of Dracula’s body and burn them in a special urn hidden within the remains of Dracula’s castle.

Right away, the game plunks you in a town, and you know you’re in for some old-school NES hard. I mean, there’s pits of insta-death in EVERY TOWN. These are supposed to be safe places, but noooope. Likewise, most towns have empty houses in them. But they’re not actually empty, instead you have to find the hidden passages, which are only revealed by throwing Holy Water on them. Yeah, I don’t get it either.


The map is a great addition to this patch. It allows you to get a feel for which direction you need to go to get to your next destination. The clues that the townsfolk give you are actually pretty decent: in this translation they’re still cryptic, but not to the point of complete and total confusion, like the original. After grinding for a ton of hearts (unlike most Castlevania games, hearts = money this time), and buying everything I can, I’m off to find the first Manor to get a piece of Dracula.

Speaking of clues, not only do you get clues by talking to townspeople, but you can also find them hidden in walls, roast chicken style. These clues actually stay with you the entire game, and are vital to figure out how to access some of the manors. But man, on man, can these manors be annoying. There are an absolute metric ton of hidden pits: you’ll be walking along and then BAM, Simon falls through the floor. 9 times out of 10, you’re only back a few seconds, but sometimes you have to backtrack 2-5 minutes after falling through. The only way to avoid these is to spam the Holy Water: if it smashes on the ground, you’re good. If it falls through, there’s your pit. Get used to the glass smashing SFX.

Speaking of music, it’s great. This game introduced series favourite Bloody Tears, and the rest of the music is of high quality. The problem is that unlike the first game in the series, the music tracks loop after 20-40 seconds. So you’re going to get sick of the few tracks in the game pretty quick, despite their high quality.

I completed two manors tonight, collecting Dracula’s Rib, and Heart. I’m enjoying myself, but there’s no denying it’s the weakest Castlevania of the originals by a large margin. There’s a ton of great ideas in the game: the open world, the clues you collect, having to find and clear dungeons, etc… But there’s a lot of design choices that bog it down: the hidden passages, hidden pits, grinding for hearts, having to wait for daybreak to buy stuff. And I’m playing a patched version with Quality of Life features such as a map, and a save function! This is a game that would benefit immensely from a full remake, done in a retro style, but with lots of the rough edges smoothed out.


Nice! I’ll take it easy and just go for Fatal Frame 1 and Clock Tower 1…since i completely forgot i got CT1 until yesterday lol

Finish up Symphony of the Night for good measure.


i’m with @BTails & currently playing Until Dawn! the rest of the month is gonna be I have no mouth, doki doki lit club, danganropa 1&2 reload (if it gets here in time, imported the cheaper UK release), yume nikki & possibly corpse party 3


Also i think ive been trying to beat fatal frame 1 every Halloween game event ive participated in… maybe its time to just see it through.


I own that Friday the 13th! Was one of the last NES games I purchased. I have a weird love for it somehow. I also was terrified of playing it as a child. Maybe I should go with that for my game to play this month


Alright, taking a break from Castlevania 2 to get to a more modern game…

Finally starting Until Dawn, paired with the Pumpkin Ale from Steam Brewery. I only got about an hour and a half of this played tonight, but man oh man am I loving it so far. It nails the “Slasher film” style perfectly, and all the characters are so stereotypical… Is it bad that I can’t wait for them to start dying off?

First off, the game is sorta a “Half-looker”. The character models looks nice, but the animation is hit and miss: sometimes it looks great, and others it’s really stiff. And performance is all over the place, even with Boost Mode on with a PS4 Pro, the game’s framerate fluctuates constantly.

But I’m really digging the choices so far. Even in the first hour, while setting up the characters and their relationship to one another, there have been a ton of choices that have made me think: Hmmmm, maaaaaybe I should’ve done that differently. Definitely a game to replay, and I look forward to seeing how so of my early choices pan out.


same! just finished it tonight…hoo doggie, i saved like nobody. haha. hope you have better luck man!


Forget the games, tell me how you are liking the various Pumpkin beers. I love me some pumpkin and am a bit of a beer nerd but have found surprisingly few pumpkin beer that doesn’t just feel like a fad/that are actually good and not just something that everyone does in the fall. Like I had dropped them completely till a few years ago when someone got me to try the Schlafly Pumpkin Ale. Since then the only other ones I’ve found that was decent, even from breweries that I really like, are the Avery ones.


I’ve been meaning to play something spookyish and I finally played some Castlevania: Symphony of the Night last night. PSX Classic on PSP was the chosen method. Good times.