Retro Game Boards - 1st Annual Spooktacular Game Month

THAT’S RIGHT, it’s OCTOBER. Which means there’s a lot of creepy, spooky, freaky, and frankly awesome games out there to play. So join us in celebrating all that is scary in the FIRST ANNUAL Retro Game Boards Spooktacular Game Month!!

The rules are simple: There are no rules! Okay, there’s one: you have to play a game that thematically fits in with the month of October / Halloween. And you have to post your impressions. So that’s two rules. Rule Three is that you must be having fun! Or are terrified, mwhahahaha

In all earnestness, I hope this is a thread where we can all come together to enjoy the many horror games that we’ve been blessed with over the years. Tell us what you’re playing, give us your impressions! Upload some screenshots, stream if you can. Myself, I like to drink Pumpkin Beers while I play. Let’s have a great time!

NOTE: Since this amazing board launched on October 25, we will be pushing the first annual RGB Spooktacular Month into November, so stock up on clearance Halloween candy on Nov 1!


Yes. My favorite time of year extends!

Well now I also want pumpkin beer :no_mouth:

Maybe I’ll play Resident Evil 2 on the N64. Always had the best memories of that one.

I should try out a Friday the 13th game for NES.

Which reminds me I should watch that AVGN episode this month!

Pumpkin beer always seems better in theory than practice. Still looking for a decent one.

On topic: I might have a go at Demon’s Crest.

Yeah I’ll probably have one and then move on to some basic lager… but It will feel damn festive that’s forsure.

I can’t think of the names off the top of my head but I’ve had some fantastic ones here in Canada

Try Schlafly’s. I thought the same as you, and I love pumpkin stuff, till I had that a few years ago. It’s very solid.

Also, don’t know if it counts as retro, but this homebrew game and it’s sequil are pretty great and very much for this time of year.

Found out about it at magfest last year and bought both of their games. Second one even has character switching and upgrading abilities/skills.

I’ll get things started with some impressions of my own. This month I’ve been playing Sweet Home on the Famicom:

For those who don’t know, this is a horror puzzle RPG from Capcom, which only released in Japan. It was a licensed title, based on a Japanese horror movie of the same name. It would later go on to serve as the inspiration for the original Biohazard/Resident Evil.

I’ve been forcing myself to play this game without a guide, which means creating a map as I go of the mansion you’re exploring, making notes of what items are where, and writing down the various clues you find.

As you can see, my maps are crude, but effective. The beer is phenomenal. Some of the ways this inspired Resident Evil are very clear: The setting, the item management (each of your 5 characters can only carry two items, plus a unique item only they can carry/use), the use of diaries and notes found around the mansion to tell the plot… It’s quite impressive for a Famicom title, and well worth a play through if you like old RPGs. The battle system is pretty straight forward and the difficulty is pretty low, as long as you’re paying attention to which character has what item, and keeping track of where you’re going.

I’m also playing The Evil Within 2 on the PS4:

(What, more pumpkin beer?!?)

Being a newish game, I’ll be light on spoilers, but I’m enjoying the heck out of this so far. They’ve made the game a bit more open, and really embraced a “Last of Us” style approach to combat and stealth. I’m playing on “Nightmare” difficulty (Hard), and each encounter is intense as resources are low, and enemies hit HARD. I’m about 10 minutes away from putting some more time into this one, so more impressions to follow.

Also, I noticed this in an early flashback that the protagonist Sebastian has:

Oh man… I’ll post some more later, but I love the Resident Evil rail shooters on the wii/ps3. The wii games are among the best looking games on the platform. Great id you’re a nerd for the ridiculousness that is old RE.

Crooked Tooth by Phillips brewery (Victoria BC), and Pumpkin Pie Ale by Alley Kat (Edmonton AB) are my two favourite.

Well, I wanted to play Parasite Eve and Silent Hill earlier this month, but there’s no more time for that. So now I’ll be streaming Rondo of Blood and Fantastic Night Dreams sometime soon.

I play Symphony of the Night every Halloween for this reason. This month I’m playing SOTN, Stardew Valley, Bloodborne, and the Amnesia collection.

Hey Bloodborne, why didn’t I think of that? This gives me a reason to fire up NG +

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Friday the 13th on NES likes to get shit on, in part due to the very famous AVGN episode, but I love it. If you put some time in to learn the mechanics and some of the secrets like finding Jason’s mom’s sweater to reduce damage, there’s actually a pretty fun game in there.

That being said, be sure to play it with your own soundtrack. The main background music is literally about a 7 second loop, and it WILL drive you mental.

This brings together a combo of a discord conversation and the GAF Halloween thread - I was going to play Shadows of the Damned, but is PS3 retro yet? Hmmmm…:thinking:

I wanted to buy Pumpkin beer, but the heathens in my podunk little town never even heard of it, so that’s a no-go. I ended up buying whiskey instead…

Anyway, I actually replayed Super Castlevania IV a few days ago. It’s been a while since I last played it, but I gotta say: it;s better thasn I remembered it was. The atmosphgere especially was still incredible. It’s not my favorite Castlevania (close though), but in terms of graphical style and atmosphere it blows the others out the swamp.

I also recently picked up Splatterhouse on PCE and played through that. Pretty easy actually, only the hallway and heart-boss at stage…VI (iirc)? gave me some problems. Fun game though, though I prefer 2.

Trying to get craft beer in some stores can kinda be like going into Walmart and asking for retro games. As in it’s not really what that kind of store is for. Don’t have a Total Wine in your area? They are a good gateway that seems to be everywhere.

We don’t really do Halloween here but I’m still keen!