3DS OT: 1 Platform, 2 Screens, 3 Dimensions


I travel to Europe frequently and always choose the 3DS over all the other options. Maybe you’re already prepared, but one tip I learned the hard way: bring a 3DS USB cable for convenient charging. The standard wall adapter doesn’t work without a full blown power converter. (The typical plug adapter kits won’t cut it.)



I don’t get into Steel Diver. It was just too slow for me.



I’ve adjusted my expectations accordingly for Steel Diver. I have to admit I didn’t think much of Sub Wars but I didn’t pay for any extra missions.

I am really enjoying Densha de Go which, despite its relatively fast trains, is a pretty slow game of anticipation. Hopefully Steel Diver surprises!



Finished the main story of Jake Hunter Ghost of the Dusk today. Took me a little over 9 hours. Really enjoyable story with lots of twists and turns. There’s five other cases to play, which are remakes of some of the mobile titles. If you’re a fan of VNs or detective games, i’d recommend checking it out. The series seems super niche here in the US, but in Japan this was the 30th anniversary of the series. I hope that it sold well enough here that we get more localizations of future games.



Thanks for the impressions - I’ve been looking into picking this up but for the wrong reason really.

Basically, it launched in Europe digital-only back in September, but Aksys is doing a boxed release at the end of this month. That’s guaranteed to be rare given it’s a late and relatively obscure 3DS game that’ll probably receive a tiny print run, but I’m glad it’s actually a great detective game as well.



Yeah, i’d grab a physical copy as soon as you can. Around here, Gamestop dropped the price of the physical copy to 20 bucks and they’ ve been hard to come by now.



Turns out it’s been delayed until April so that gives me more time at least. Wonder what the print run will be, as Death Mark for Vita also received a late physical print in Europe and it hasn’t gone rare yet.



I started Steel Diver today and played a couple of missions with all the subs. It’s alright. I like the slow-paced gameplay since you really have to think ahead to manoeuvre your sub. Moving the dials and sliders on the lower screen is probably more manageable on a regular 3DS with its smaller display.

I can’t see it having the replayability Pilotwings Resort had, though. That game scored you on several factors, making every part of its missions count. Steel Diver only really seems concerned about how quickly you can beat its missions - you can also get optional medals for beating the staff ghost - when there could have been a more comprehensive scoring system with associated ranks. (for example based on accuracy, or damage taken, or enemies defeated vs time taken)



Has anyone gone through the process archiving all their physical 3DS games with CFW? I’m looking at backing up ~45 games and not sure which format I should do it in for maximum flexibility - .cia, .3ds, .cxi. I want to be able to restore to any of my 3DS/2DS units if something should happen to the physical cart, but also interested in tinkering with Citra down the road. Then there’s also the fact that a good number of games have had updates and it would be nice to have the complete collection preserved. It’s probably going to take me a while so I’d like to do it all the right way the first time.

EDIT: Now that I think of it, it might make more sense to ask this over in The Ripping Thread. Feel free to move over there if that’s better.



I regret not getting into this library a bit more. I only have 4 games for it, and I’ve only ever completed one. I guess in the future when the games become cheaper, I can dive into it a bit more.

This is as good a place as any to show my LBTW Edition. I went out and bought it day one because I was so stoked about playing A Link Between Worlds. Fantastic game!



.cia because easily installable.

You can convert a .3ds file to .cia if required.

Not run into .cxi




My copy of Culdcept finally arrived. Excited to try it later. Hopefully some people are still online with it.



Just got Etrian odyssey nexus. Started it yesterday but havent made a full party yet. Its 19 classes with 230 different character portraits, so choice paralysis is strong. Heres the party leader though:

Theodore D. Bearington, hero of Lagaard. Because of course i would.



Enjoy! We could play a two player game if you’d like, though I’m pretty rusty.

(Also enjoy the announcer! https://youtu.be/GHtjQ4tN-S4?t=16 It’s a nice touch how he reads the names of all the cards in that voice, haha.)

Edit: Was looking for information about the game and stumbled across a small illustration of what the in-game shop might look like in the game’s world (in the game itself it’s abstracted to menus only and the shopkeeper’s portrait).

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picked up Sushi Striker, Amazon had new copies for 13.87 the other day.



Is it good?



I picked it up on 3DS last year as I wasn’t convinced by the Switch port’s demo’s controls. It does indeed play much better on 3DS - the playfield is more spacious and the sliding and stacking mechanics have obviously been designed for a precise stylus moving about a small screen.

It’s worth a look due to its novel gameplay, but I honestly thought it was a disappointing puzzle game. The problem lies in its grindy progression system. Rather than have an arcade-style story mode with just ten or twenty stages in increasing difficulty, the developers decided to make the game a 600+ stage bore where the levels and their challenges are barely discernable from each other. It’s almost as if they were made with a random generator or something.

You eventually unlock a puzzle mode variant but the game could have benefitted massively with some streamlining and arcade-like sensibilities. I suppose in this era I can understand why Nintendo and IndiesZero did not do that given how Pilotwings Resort and Steel Diver were slammed on a supposed lack of content.



Bummer. Thanks for the feedback.



Spot on. I was hooked initially by the matching mechanics, but I was burnt out by the 3rd world. Each battle was the same, and I never saw reason to switch up my spells after getting the first 3. The cutscenes only get in the way. It’s a good podcast game though.



Anybody modded in these New 3ds XL IPS top screens or know of someone who has?


I came across some reviews on amazon for a replacement 3ds screen (non-ips) and they said the 3d effect no longer worked. I’ve sent a message to one of the sellers to see if they can confirm that the 3d functionality would still work.