3DS OT: 1 Platform, 2 Screens, 3 Dimensions


Looks like I need to pick up yokai watch 3 sooner than later. I’ve yet to see a copy local to me.


Got a reply form a seller, I was told it works but “a bit jumpy or something on some with 3d on” : /


There are too many to remember them all but Shinobi definitely needs a mention. It’s the best original game of its type on the system.


Picked these up due to the recent fan translation of the 1st game.

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I have the sneaking suspicion the physical edition of Jake Hunter is cancelled in Europe. The pre-order from the Aksys website is gone, it’s also removed from the release schedule and the place where I pre-ordered my copy doesn’t have the game in it’s database anymore.


Oh snap, I knew I was forgetting something! I noticed this last week - it’s basically gone from all retailers who were stocking it, which is a shame. Death Mark on Switch has been delayed to June as well, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was eventually cancelled considering it released on the eShop last September.

It’s a shame it’s been cancelled, I can see it being the last third party 3DS release with a small print run. Etrian Odyssey Nexus has been overprinted by Deep Silver, to my surprise, and I can’t see Persona Q2 being scarce either.


Somebody had asked about it from Aksys on Reddit and it has indeed been cancelled. :frowning:


I’m still playing Kid Icarus Uprising, going for those golden wreathes in story mode. The game is still really impressing me. The way it mixes up the narrative with gameplay is just really well handled.

It says a lot that as soon as you start the game in chapter 1, you’re almost immediately handled control of Pit and the game stays that way throughout. Even with the differences in gameplay styles between the land and air sections everything is consistently connected.

Somehow I missed this! Gutted, was looking forward to picking it up. I guess that leaves Persona Q2 as the last major release, anyone bothering with it? I didn’t think Persona Q was particularly good - the Persona-infused elements took away from what makes Etrian Odyssey great - but I am tempted for it being the last notable boxed 3DS game…


Well yes, it’s the other 3DS game I have pre-ordered. I must confess I hardly played the first one, but I did like it. I like Etrian Odyssey as well, reminds me I have to continue with 5 and play Nexus, but I just don’t have the time for these long ass games. Still, I keep buying them… :crazy_face: