A–Z: Great Game Company Logos/Names

There have been some fantastic game company names. Even if they made bad games, at least they had a cool logo/name, right?

I thought it might be fun if we made it into a game by posting a logo for each letter of the alphabet in turn. Let’s see how many times we can loop through A to Z? No rush.

Please post a logo image or Wikipedia link

I’ll go first… A:

Classic typography, childish scribble, nonsensical company name - great combo. I’m currently playing a game they published.

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I’ll bite. B is for Broderbund, and the great games published by them like Lode Runner, Prince of Persia, Last Express, etc…


Such a great logo! It was a sign of absolute quality during my formative years. Prince of Persia was probably the first game I saw it on. I always wondered what the three things were - Wiki just told me they’re crowns from a Swedish coat of arms! Cool.

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Not a game company per se, but they sure did make many of our favorite games possible.

I doubt there is a single person who gamed in the '80’s that wouldn’t recognize that C.

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Agreed. C for Classic

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Not the most well-thought-of company in the Japanese-dominated arcade era, but they got some mid-tier classics. The logo is pretty straight forward and lets you know you’re in for some quality. Cool to see games like Night Slashers and Windjammers get a second chance.


E is for Eidos Interactive.


While not known for their stellar development per se, they are one of the most prolific publishers of all time.
They have many smaller subsidiaries that are responsible for some of the best titles game development has to offer.

Here are a few of the major games series and hits that they have been involved with.

Hitman, Tomb Raider, Just Cause, Deus Ex, Whiplash, Legacy of Kain/Soul Reaver, Theif, Time Splitters, and the list goes on.

They are now a part of the Square group of companies, and are known as Square Enix Europe. There is also an Eidos office in Montreal, Hungary, and Shanghai.


F is for 1465570583714

Dark Souls is a sadistic, brooding beast, which I am yet to tame.
My younger brother regards it as the game he wishes he could experience for the first time again.

My first experience of a game from From was Tenchu on the PS1. Armored Core is also something I hear is good too.

@raskulous Let’s not forget Deus Ex! Arguably their most influential release.
@matt great thread!

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G is for a little known developer known as G.revolution!

Known by shooting game fans mostly, they have brought us great ones such as Border Down, Under Defeat and Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours.

They also shadow developed several classics, helping out Treasure in the development of Ikaruga and Gradius V (2 of the most awesome modern shooters).


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They’ve made some of the greatest twin stick shooting games ever made, but for me they’ll always be remembered specifically for The Reap!



Right! I’ll add it in.

I is for Intelligent Systems.

They made incredible strategy games and RPGs for Nintendo over the years. And also some cool hardware for development purposes.

Gotta hand it to @matt for a great thread idea. I love the variety in game companies and seeing everyone’s choices. FOr example, I never would’ve thought of Housemarque for H, but I played a metric ton of Resogun when the PS4 launched!

I is for INFOCOM

Infocom is arguably the pioneer and most popular Interactive Fiction (Text adventure) game company out there. Yes, they weren’t the first, but Zork really was leaps ahead of Colossal Cave Adventure in terms of both complexity, and style, and you can argue that they were the first company that wanted to use video games to tell rich and interesting stories outside of “Get the treasures and not die”.

Some of my favourites, outside of the Zork franchise, include “A Mind Forever Voyaging” in which you play as the world’s first sentient computer, PRISM, in an attempt to bring the United States back from the brink of societal collapse, “The Lurking Horror” which takes place at MIT and is very Lovecraft inspired, and “Planetfall” a Sci-Fi comedy adventure with the robot Floyd, one of my favourite characters ever.

“Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” gets its own paragraph, because that game is so absurd, so hilarious, and so worth playing. It is the perfect example of everything great and everything terrible with IF all in one. The early puzzle which finds you acquiring a Babel Fish is honestly one of my favourite puzzles in all of Adventure gaming, and one that I constantly use in discussions as an example of superb game design. However the same game also requires you to collect various bits of fluff for seemingly no reason (the game came packed with a baggie of fluff as a clue), requiring most players to restart the game just to keep track of their fluff collection as it was needed near the end.

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And J is for JAST

They publish a bunch of porn games where you get to romance your sister and various other “18” year olds.

I knew you wouldn’t let us down. :joy:

Is their logo 18-rated also?

Amusingly enough I was googling around for it but didn’t want to save anything related to them to my computer when I remembered you could just do url image links here.

Was going to keep this going but searching for one smut publisher was enough for me, time to clear browser cache.

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