Gaboze Pocaio - "Game Boy Zero Pocket All In One"

Has anyone come across this yet? I’ve wanted to build something like this with a Pi for a while, but lacked time and wasn’t confident in my electronics skills. Looks like it could be a fun project that makes the more difficult parts of the process a lot simpler.

Watched this video last night that provided a pretty good overview:

Any thoughts?

I love the idea behind these kind of android console kits. Still ends up having little niggles that get to my ocd, like the screen being a tiny bit “off”. Not much and to be expected but just enough that I would notice it every time I use the device.

I’m interested in making one of these.

I’d be interested in making one of these too. Do prefer the size of a GBP over the original GB.

So a while ago he released 50 units to order, but they didn’t last long. People in the USA and Canada bought multiple units each so by the time I woke up and saw the notification they were long gone.

I’m hoping this isn’t another GDEMU scenario

Sold Here

Anyone know if it has shoulder button support?

No, but it can have up to 6 face buttons alongside the d-pad

And welcome @32teeth (designer of this thing) - hopefully I can order one soon.

sweet! That’s still decent. Yeah, I’m going to order one of these sometime next month.

Oh rad. Didn’t realize he made it. Welcome

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@32teeth Aww nice!! Welcome welcome :smiley:

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Anybody put one of these together yet?

Keen to see impressions too!