Advice needed: OK to buy fake Pokémon carts?

I got a used DS for my daughter’s 7th birthday. We have been watching Pokémon cartoons the last few weeks and she’s pretty obsessed. I want to get her the Red or Green remakes on GBA to play in the DS.

But - don’t really want to pay the price. Normally I’d never buy fakes but if it’s just for the kid I’m not too fussed about it. But I don’t want anything buggy or that will erase her saves. Are they stable enough? Any experience here?

a flashcart is 100% the way to go for this, honestly. More reliable and convenient than bootlegs, and not hugely expensive.

Benn Venn (gameboy modder, and developer) has a great overview of gameboy carts. He also developed a unit which can flash them.

There’s some good advice in there.