Although not retro, the 3DS is a great system for retro enthusiasts


Can you still charge it while it’s in that monstrosity? I’m very tempted…


Yup! I never take it out of that grip. I’ve actually been looking for a universal case that will hold the grip and 3ds so I can toss it in my back pack.



I was so sad when I exchanged my original 3DS because my Mario Kart 3DS wheel grip had to go with it.

That MH grip seems to be for N3DSXL? Is there a grip for regular sized New 3DS?


There isn’t the awesome monster hunter grip. Other companies may have made one but Hori didn’t make a N3DS (small) grip.

I can’t understate that the MH Grip for the N3DS LL (XL) is the most comfortable grip I’ve ever used and basically made this console viable instead of pain.


Disappointing news, but there seem to be a good number of N3DS grips so I’ll take a punt on one.


What’s good/unique about the MH Grip is that is has neoprene sponges that hold the 3DS in place. I really like that all the main contact points had this. It may not be as big of an issue since the N3DS isn’t glossy like the XL/LL are. My N3DS XL remains scratch free and I am trying to keep it that way.


Yes, the original 3DS Mario Kart wheel used the same construction.


Are all the monster hunter grips of the same quality? Looks like there is one for 4g as well as X.


I listed the box in my post. It was for X and the shape is different. Could be 4 is good but I wouldn’t know.

Edit: 4G has a thumb pad attachment for none New 3DS consoles.

Edit # 2: XX Grip is the same as mine but comes with a weird kickstand attachment.


So there’s a Nintendo Direct today with new 3DS announcements. I’m guessing those will be first party in nature since other publishers have moved on to mobile, and Atlus surely can’t be supporting the system after Persona Q2.

Is there still hope for 3D Virtual-Boy Wario Land?


Hope is a mistake.


Okay perhaps it’s just me, but I think the speaker quality on the original 3DS, and the New models, is phenomenal. I was playing VVVVVV on Switch and thought it didn’t sound half as good as I remember it on 3DS, and I was right. Switching to my N3DS XL though and those large speakers are a world of difference. Much louder but also significantly clearer - you can really hear the separation between each part of the music as it plays simultaneously. Are there any other retro- or retro-style games that sound terrific on those 3DS models?

Did anyone play the Bloodstained Famicom-style spinoff on 3DS?
While I’m disappointed it doesn’t support 3D, I’m assuming it’ll be native resolution on 3DS. What is interesting is it’ll be 60fps on New 3DS, something Blaster Master Zero didn’t do. Inti Creates’ programming has never been stellar on the system - all their 2D games were locked to 30fps. But I’m quite tempted to pick this up for the native resolution now.

Edit: Bloodstained isn’t 60fps after all…


i’m never getting over the fact that we only got one of those amazing M2 sega collection carts. the JP box set makes me weep.


Decided to adorne my 3ds with some Game Center CX decals. Kacho on!


Where’d you get that pouch?


That was a Club Nintendo freebie from a few years ago.


I have the red & blue ones. They are so awesome.


Yes they are. Very versatile. They will also fit a Switch tablet without controllers attached.


Just played some Ridge Racer 3D and Pilotwings Resort for the first time in ages, two of my favourite games of recent years.

I must say the 3D effect is still phenomenal and impressive when done right. Both of these games serve up to your eyes a crazy amount of depth that stretches far into the distance, coupled with the right convergence of the two cameras such that you can pick out almost any object in your surroundings. Really gives form to everything around you.

I remember Ocarina of Time 3D doing similar. Was disappointed that Majora’s Mask 3D dialled back the maximum depth.


Huh. I should try RR for this. Guess I didn’t realize there was one on 3DS. Is it pretty much like 6 and 7, with nitro and career mode?