Analogue & Retrousb FPGA Consoles OT


Also, I’ve just played through a bit of DKC2 and I’m absolutely impressed - it’s no different to my OSSC/SFC in zero lag mode. amazing

but the colours, man. they just aren’t right. I’ve quickly booted up both higan and snes9x via retroarch and they match my SFC Jr and OG SNES. The Super NT is just…totally desaturated.

but really, the scanlines are the biggest issue. UltraHDMI and OSSC have it right. Absolutely no reason for kevtris to not get it right too.


Well, it looks like the Super NT kinda hates my SA-1 conversions (JP to us Mario RPG, JP to us Kirby). Deleted my save game on Kirby and this happened in Mario:

Edit: wait, hang on - is the super NT configured for full range or limited RGB?


its full range. i suggest taking a look at the last few pages of the bellow thread and the comments from fudoh and firebrandx on the issue.


so my eyes aren’t deceiving me then.

looks like fbx has already pinpointed the issue and it’s being fixed! awesome!!!

this thing is totally gonna replace my ossc/sfc for the big screen. just gotta get those scanlines fixed…


FBX was also posting about resolution settings for proper aspect ratio on twitter today. For 1080p he was saying for 4x to go with 1170 x 960, and for 5x to go with 1462x1200, he said he had to deal with the proper 8:7 aspect ratio and the padded signal of both the nes and snes.


I should add that’s with interpolation turned on.


Technical speak or, really, any detail at all is not this guy’s strong suit.

Hell, I think he was using composite for most of his systems and feeding them into an LCD for the longest time. He’s really not an AV-phile. So these kinds of analysis are out of his depth.

Seems like a nice dude otherwise, and at least he doesn’t assert things when he doesn’t know the first thing about what he’s talking about, unlike Adam Koralik.


He does composite into LCD. He actually did a video showing how he connects his consoles. Also uses the Retron 5 almost exclusively. He seems like a really cool dude that loves the hunt and the history of video games.


@Televator Hey, you made it! When did you join?!

Regarding Metal Jesus: not really a fan, but I think he knows his audience and that it isn’t the same as the one that watches MLiG and DF Retro.

@Rich Hoping the dull color gets fixed soon. It was noticeable almost right away.

And what’s the deal with the weak scanline intensity even at 255? And the weird shift to garish colors when selecting Hybrid scanlines? Kevtris got this latter feature via help from Marshall but from my recollection it doesn’t do that on the UltraHDMI N64.

@ShinJohnpv Did you just join too? Or am I not paying attention? Nice to see the community growing. About the aspect ratio, it’s nice that it’s conveniently labeled when you dial in the width/height, or you can turn off advanced settings and select 8:7 and the NT will do the work of dialing in the values you mentioned. At 3x 720p, I use the recommended 877 x 720. I’ll be switching to 5x 1080p when the wonky thin scanlines are fixed.


No I’ve been here since basically day one. Hell I made the AV thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I’m glad to see people who know more about this shit figure out the settings and get us dialed in. I just hope I don’t fuck up their explanations or such too much lol.


I’m late to the party, but, awesome video @CouryC and @Try4ce!


Okay never mind me. Just got my wires crossed.


The scanlines definitely aren’t working right, even in 720p mode…

This is the scanlines at 200 depth at 720p, no scaling filter:

Now here it is with scale2x enabled:



Scale2x (yuck) appears to show the correct line intensity.

Is that regular or hybrid mode in the no scaling filter image? For me, no scale filter + regular scanlines looks like it does not exceed the OSSC equivalent of 25%~ scanline strength regardless of maxing out the depth setting.


Regular on both, not hybrid.

I’m pretty sure the scanline depth slider doesn’t work. But it works when you choose a scaler/filter which is really odd.

Not sure if kevtris is aware of the issues with scanlines (they need to scale along with the image in 1080p rather than staying at 1px height / depth slider not working) and the incorrect colour gamut range - these really, really need fixing.

edit: and it’s all especially bizarre because of just how good the NT Mini is with colours and scanlines!


It works up to a point because the lines do grow fainter if you go to the far left, but after only a portion of the way to the right the lines do not become any darker.

He’s at least aware of the complaints about 1px line height across all scaling modes. I don’t have the NT Mini, but my Hi-Def NES mod has the same off-putting thin lines at 4x 1080p (the max integer scale on this mod). But at least lines darken properly here. It really is surprising how this is probably his worst scanlines implementation yet.


This is my NT Mini in 1080p mode:

Is that the same as the hdmi NES?


Don’t think so, yours looks like each black line is two semi-transparent lines for each 5px row.

Here are some direct captures of the Hi-Def NES from a couple years back. Literally solid-black 1px rows. Looks very inauthentic.


I’ve been bitching to Analogue about the scan lines via twitter for years. I don’t think the HDMI NES will ever be fixed but the mini could be fixed if they cared to do that. The NT Mini scan lines look like shit imo. I am not holding my breath that either will fixed.

As smart as Kevtris is, I just don’t think he cares about scanlines. I am sure he could make something good looking but its not important to him or his code doesn’t allow for it and he didn’t care either way. Shrug, who knows.


Yup,totally agree. I may end up selling mine and just sticking with the 1chip/OSSC combo.