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Wow, that was fast! I don’t have much use for it as I would use my SD2SNES, but it’s an interesting development. I’m more interested in the 8 bit cores but if they don’t make it I’m still loving it so far for only SNES/SFC.

I went back and forth between 720p w/scanlines and 1080p without last night. I think I would need to adjust the picture on my TV to get a better comparison. I like the 720p look so far. 1080p is really bright without scanlines (shocking I know, lol).

I played UN Squadron and Super Metroid last night. I have never seen a FM or OSSC in person so this is amazing!


I would assume this would be a better picture than a Framemeister anyway.


Cool, looks like I’m selling my Everdrive now. No need for it any more :smile:


It’s worth noting that as of now, no special chips are supported with the jailbreak.

Edit:I guess the super everdrive only supports dsp if you have it added. Into the trash(sell) it goes! The SD2snes still had some use though!


Thanks ok. My Everdrive doesn’t support special chips outside of DSP. Plus I own all the original games with special chips that I could want.


I got mine hooked up last night. I love that it’s USB for power. I had one open port on the TV although I could’ve found one on the router, etc. if needed, but it made it so easy to add to the living room setup. Playing Super Turrican, I did have some glitches and issues before I updated the firmware and there’s still a glitch in a particular part of one level after the update too. That said, the firmware update is a must. Make sure you do it. I thought the whole thing ran faster and smoother in the menus after the update. It loaded the Turrican games quicker too.

Those are a fantastic addition to the box and really shouldn’t be undersold as pack ins. They’re both great games. It’s totally worth spending time with them. It really makes the total cost of the machine and the shipping feel like a good value.

I’m in no hurry to use custom firmware and all that. I really just love the ability to put carts in and play, as well as mess with the screen settings. I really like both the 1080p without and the 720p scanline modes equally. The tradeoff is brightness as noted above, but the 720p scanline is probably my favorite. I may as well be playing on the CRT upstairs on original hardware.

In addition to the included games, I played some Super Pinball: Behind the Mask which uses a high res mode if I’m not mistaken and that seemed perfect and I played 1-1 through 1-6 in SMW2: Yoshi’s Island. My son saw it and said, “Wow! That’s a blast from the past!” I don’t think he knows I bought that cart day one many years ago now. :slight_smile:

What’s old is new again!


Won’t be using any jailbreak until extra cores are added - no point me using it for ROM loading when I have an SD2SNES with instant rom loading, extra chips, in-game reset and MSU-1.

Edit: oh and I installed the USB firmware for the SD2SNES earlier which allows for a load of cool stuff if hooked up to a PC using the USB port, like savestates and ram tracking


Great to see the impressions rolling in here and elsewhere. It’s been nothing but post after post about shipping/tracking updates for a few days now, aside from the embargoed review vids. Not exactly exciting or relevant for those of us who haven’t ordered one yet. Keep the impressions coming!


Mine is here tomorrow! I’ll be posting impressions then


I didn’t read the firmware update but that is exciting. I think the only advantage emulation has had over consoles is save states. I was hoping save states would be able to be implemented on a system level with out the use of another device. Either way, this makes some games a lot less tedious.

I posted this in the pick up thread but it’s pretty awesome how close these match to each other.


That would absolutely be my preferred setup, with the non-pro SF30. Looks awesome!!!


Hey all, if you get a chance load up the 240p test suite and let us know if your set is overscanning the Super NT as mine is (2017 OLED). Because of the jailbreak, you don’t need a flash cart to do it.

Pull up the 256x239 grid and see if it all fits on your screen.

Kevtris has been alerted of the issue.

(and no, none of my other consoles, PC, etc are overscanning…whether a set decides to overscan HDMI can be determined by metadata, not just TV settings)


I get half of the top and bottom grid sections cut off via 480p & 720p. 1080p has a bit of underscan so it all shows up.

tested via “Full” image on a Panasonic tcp46s1.

Pic of cut off grid sections: (the bowing geometry is just the photo, it’s all square on the tv).


What scaling is the NT set to with that? Because this is my SFC via OSSC set to x5 1080p mode (224p times 5 is 1120p, meaning there will be 40px overscan). Exactly the same as what the Super NT is doing, which makes sense as x5 mode cuts 20 pixels from each top and bottom edges to fit 1080p:

I don’t see anything wrong with it…certainly nothing for kevtris to fix.

Edit: oh wait, I haven’t tested the other grid Res, but correct me if I’m wrong on the above.


I took the pic shortly before going to bed, but as I thought about it more I think it may be correct in cutting it off like you said. I haven’t noticed anything gameplay-wise on a handful of games I’ve played.

I think the scaling was set to 4:3 for a 16:9 display.


I just checked it on the other mode and on my newly delivered super NT. It’s fine, and correct for 1080p.

40px overscan in 1080p is unavoidable without nasty scaling


What scaling mode are you using? It shouldn’t all fit on your screen if you’re using 5x like @Rich mentioned.


Some thoughts on my limited half an hour of playtime today (spent over an hour after it was delivered colouring in the box it came in with my daughter and playing pirates with it and her dolls…)

  1. Transparent unit is nice. No complaints - apart from there’s dust on the inside ?! I’ll have to open it up and get rid of that. Definitely a lower standard than my NT Mini, but hey - it cost me £360 less.

  2. Games play perfectly as far as I can tell. SD2SNES works great. SGB2 works fine.

  3. Scaling and overscan on 1080p mode is correct, and 1:1 with my SFC JR via OSSC in x5 mode (see my posts above).

  4. Colour seems less vibrant than my SFC Jr. There needs to be a gamma adjust option. And the scanlines are framemeister-tier of shite in 1080p. If the image is x5 scaled vertically, the scanlines should also scale! OSSC manages it! I would message kevtris about these two things direct, but I’m not registered on atariage. My two biggest (and only, really) complaints.

  5. the led is pretty cool and nowhere near an issue as I thought it might have been. It’s easy to reduce it to the lowest brightness if needed. Better than the tiny thing on the NT Mini.


jp kirby is my SFC Jr in x5 1080p mode via OSSC, the english Kirby is on my Super NT with the same scaling. Crappy phone photos, sorry - but I can get better comparisons tomorrow when my Nikon is charged.

Also…this is interesting…bit of a mix of hardware revisions it seems:


I thought about emailing him. He and I went back and forth a lot with the original NT to figure a few things out.


please do! It’s literally just the scanlines and a gamma adjust option that’s needed to match both my SFC Jr and OG two-chip snes via the OSSC. Other than that, it’s a remarkable piece of work.

I can take comparison photos if needed with my dslr, but the crappy phone shots above are enough to convey the difference I guess (ie: kirby is actually pink on the SFC)