Analogue & Retrousb FPGA Consoles OT

Can’t say I’m surprised. Makes me wonder about a future run and the Duo.

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Yeah, this makes me almost feel bad for Analogue. I am sure it is hard to deliver any major product in quantity right now.

That aside I am confident that Analogue will nail the accuracy portion of the equation. If not on day one then at least through updates.


I did a video a little different than my usual mod stuff. I thought it would be fun to do an unboxing and share my first impressions of the Analogue Pocket!


I got a white Pocket that arrived yesterday and I absolutely love it for GB/GBC games. I’m a little on the fence when it comes to GBA games, though. The GBA SP101 screen setting looks good to me, but the letterboxing with a white shell is bothering me more than I thought it would. Kind of wishing I went with black.


Ah interesting. I hadn’t even thought about it on mine. I do see the appeal of the white one though. Definitely recalls the original DMG.

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That’s the main reason I went black. I prefer the white aesthetic otherwise.

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MiSTer cores being ported to Analogue Pocket


The Analogue Pocket I ordered over a year ago is finally preparing to ship! Just in time for them to want $99 for three adapters for Turbografx, Lynx, and Neo Geo Pocket and NGPC, which won’t ship for another year after that. Sigh…

The Turbo and Neo support are exciting too. Still, another $100 waiting in limbo for a year is a tough sell.


The Analogue Duo just went up for sale. I ordered a black one. I wasn’t sure I was going to jump in on this, but they got me. These systems always hold their value.

Now I’ll have to do some game buying for the TG-16, Duo, etc.

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I also didn’t expect to bite but ended up setting an alarm and ordering a white one the moment they went live.

As a huge PCE fan, with a big collection, I was planning on getting the Duo when it was available. It visually looks fantastic, perfectly matching the original Duo so well.


  • The price went up $50 from the originally announce price
  • The Australian dollar exchange rate has been bad recently
  • Analogue’s insane international postage prices

And now it would cost me over AU$500. Same price as a Switch OLED.

I just can’t do it now :frowning:

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Yeah, that’s rough. At $300 after tax and shipping, I could sort of justify it. Also, knowing it will always have resale value helps with that justification.

I’d never own a CD unit without this existing. Just too costly and too much risk of internal parts failure. Hopefully this will be the one Turbo unit i own from now til I’m toast.

Thanks for the heads up @DaveLong. I regret not getting a Mega SG, and only recently learned that they don’t make them anymore. Most of my retro stuff is from the Master System/Genesis, so it would’ve been a great addition to my setup.

Oh well, I also grew up with a TG-16 (never even played the CD games though!), so thanks to you I was able to order the Analogue Duo system.

Hopefully I’ll be able to find a Mega SG without a hyper inflated price one of the days…

The bit that rubs me the wrong way is that they’re all the same inside in terms of FPGA.

Of course the controller ports are different and the cartridge connector or CD drive.

But the only thing stopping you running SFC games on an SG or DUO is an artificial limitation by Analogue

For those that want to run it all, they should go with mister rather than this.

This is specifically something that allows you run your OG media. It’s kind of a novelty collector’s product in that sense. It even has that “limited edition” sense of availability.

I see it as a different niche.


But they are fine doing it, or allowing it, with the Pocket as they have no plans to release any more handhelds. But with home consoles they lock each one down so people are forced to buy additional devices.

I’m not saying it’s wrong, or that they should have done a Polymega, I’m just saying the Analogue way turns me off personally.


I will have to say…

It kinda annoys me that the black one is called “USA”.

It’s obviously a PC Engine Duo. Which was black. The US ‘Turbo Duo’ is just a localised version of that, it even used the Japanese controller plug size.

And then to call a white version of the Duo design ‘JPN’, because Japan had another separate model after that which was white? Just annoying and US-centric on a console which is by sales numbers almost a Japan only machine. Why not just call them ‘black’ and ‘white’ models?

I still want to buy one… Maybe start of next month if still up for pre-order…


taking orders for a whole other device, while my pocket dock says “guaranteed shipping in 2023” and nothing more

cool cool cool