Any impressions of the Mana Collection on Switch?

How’s the sound and image quality? Are there any CRT filters?

How well are the games scaled to the Switch’s display? To 1080p?

How’s the translation in Trials of Mana looking? Basically, is the emulation decent?

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I heard the translated Trials of Mana leaked and is fully playable on a stock SNES. I don’t know if Square Enix is planning a cartridge release like Capcom and Data East sometimes do, but I will get one at some point one way or the other.

I have the physical import… but sadly haven’t put much time in it!!

It’s really awesome that they translated SD3 :slight_smile:

I hear it’s a pretty good port specially since it was ported by M2. The gameboy final fantasy adventure has the cool filter that emulates the original GB screen but unfortunately the snes games have no filters at all. You can only toggle between a stretched full screen or a smaller window view with borders that can’t be turned off or replaced with a black background.

Also the translation of trials of mana is good for the most part except for Charlotte’s baby talk as shown here

I had the Japanese release a couple of years ago but @Fallen92 has pretty much covered it. It’s a solidly presented package from M2, though the Super Famicom games lack good filters so they appear very sharp on the Switch’s screen. They improved on their Game Boy pixel filter with the Castlevania games, though both lack that soft appearance of the Game Boy’s display in real life:

On an actual Game Boy light background colours appear even lighter and less defined/crisp because of the flickering of the screen, which isn’t something that’s replicated (look at the pattern on the ground).

I still want the collection just for Seiken Densetsu 3, though I’m going to wait for the boxed release in August I think.

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Hopefully a physical release of the western one happens!

I’ve been playing this since the boxed version released in late July (early August?) and it really is impressive how they programmed the localised text into the game. The fan translation doesn’t appear to use the SNES’s high res mode for half-width fonts all the time, while this version is very faithful to the appearance of the original game, where all text, text boxes and interface boxes are rendered with double resolution/half-width text. It’s great.

Otherwise this is a very bare-bones offering from M2, presumably due to time constraints since it was effectively a Switch launch window game in Japan, and Square Enix’s poor archiving of older development materials. The only bonus is a welcome one: A sound test mode, but that’s pretty sparse. The original manuals aren’t available, with a QR code leading to an equally sparse website from Square Enix America (apparently the Japanese site hosted the manuals).

The visual filters are disappointing. While I prefer 4:3 for most SNES titles it’s a shame 8:7 isn’t even an option here, and the nearest neighbour scaling exhibits distracting pixel crawl at both docked and handheld resolutions. There’s a softer filtered option which removes the shimmering and looks acceptable, but it’s not as good as having good scanlines, which aren’t an option.

Yeah, that…they basically did a find and replace for r and l with w on everything Charlotte says.

I was hoping they had scanned in the original manuals and that we’d finally have a translated Trials of Mana manual in English but nope. Luckily I have all the games CIB so I can look at them and man it really would’ve helped to have them since they have a lot of cool art and useful info on them. Secret of Mana and Trials of Mana especially since they have a full magic, weapon, and armor list in the manual you can reference as well as a mini starter guide in case you need some help starting out.

And the filter options are disappointing since I prefer to have a good scan-line filter to soften the overly sharp image you get when scaling games with sprites but I just deal with the soft filter option since I despise pixel crawl. I know I can just play the snes original using my OSSC but the high res mode for the half width fonts really messes with my optimized settings and is very distracting since the text boxes show a lot of noise and wobbliness.

Still for the around $30 I got it for physically it’s definitely worth it specially for handheld play. Also I didn’t know this but Seiken Densetsu 3 has a sound test mode on the snes which I found out by accident when I tried soft resetting at the title screen so that’s neat.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a soft look in a GB game as the one in the ground texture of that screen you posted, I’m kind of shocked at the depth it achieves.

Yeah there’s something not quite right there. I assume that’s a shader? On a real GB you’ll get some depth as the white part is set back a bit and has like a fabricy texture to it but light grays don’t have that extreme softness.

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Yeah it must be a shader since the sprites are too sharp. It’s not the best example, I’ll need to link to that DF Retro video for the Castlevania collection where John points out the filter vs a filmed GB.

Just seen this for a good price so came to look for impressions… think for $29 NZD I’ll probably bite!