Anyone know where to find decent PVMs in the NYC area?

I’m looking to finally get a PVM, but really have no idea where to look. Just curious since these things aren’t as common as commercial sets.

All the ones I’ve ever gotten were from Craigslist. I used to check it every day when I was hunting for them. It’s kind of a hobby in itself.

Craigslist still legit? Haven’t used it ages.

Last PVM I got was in 2017. It was a PVM 20L5 (so very legit!).

Of course, now we are in a pandemic, so things may be a bit slower. And every year, less and less studios in NYC are selling their old analogue equipment, and prices continue to increase. And I imagine that most of them are shut down right now due to safety concerns.

So your guess is as good as mine. The only other options I know of are refurbished units from legit sites online - which can go for professional-grade prices which most retro gamers, I imagine, won’t pay, or eBay, which I never used for CRTs.

The problem with eBay, as other people will tell you, is that you have to make sure the seller knows how to package the CRT, since they really can get banged up in shipping. Also, you do not get to inspect it in advance, and then have the challenge of shipping it back or disposing of it yourself if things don’t go well. Once you reach 20" in size, these things become a bitch to move unless you have a vehicle. And you can’t just toss them in the trash.

You could also try the B/S/T area of this site - you never know if anyone here is looking to free up space and I know at least one other user is in the NYC area and has multiple monitors. I won’t volunteer his name in case he prefers not to come forward.

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I’ve seen them at some of the gaming stores in the area if you want to try them. One of the ones in brooklyn usually has some but like most PVMs they’re expensive.

Any stores in particular?

Ebay obviously is ridiculous, but it’s never a bad idea to search and just use the location to be within a distance you’re willing to drive. I drove 3 hours for a $99 PVM through ebay, but it’s been a few years and I’m in the midwest.

If anyone is around Omaha and is looking for a fair 14 inch Olympus branded PVM lemme know! Just sitting in my garage.

The two main ones in Brooklyn had some a couple months ago but not sure what stock they have now. Brooklyn game shack (formerly Gotham city games) and Brooklyn Video Games.

Brooklyn game shack was the one I saw get like 4-5 of them months ago on their instagram but not sure what, if any, are left. Might have to follow their instagram accounts if they’re out since they do buy/sell them.

There was also one in Manhattan itself that had some last year I think but can’t remember which one it was.

Also think some of the north jersey places like digital press used to have them also but that’s a hike if you don’t have a car.

Digital Press doesn’t really have them anymore unfortunately. But you could call just to confirm.