Is this PVM worth looking at?

Looks like it may have been dropped… the inputs don’t even look level on the back panel.

What do you guys think?

For 30 bucks… it depends on how hard PVMs are to find around you and how willing you are to tinker with them.

But I’d say yes if you don’t mind opening it up and poking around. You may get burned for $30, but you may also get a great monitor. It’s a small gamble that I think is worth risking if you’re really hard up for a PVM.

This is the first one I’ve ever seen for sale on kijiji locally, but at the same time I’m not very knowledgeable with them, so fixing it could easily be a no-go for me.

I would think at worst case, I could resell it and get my $30 back.

If you’re into retro gaming you probably know about the PVM craze, and the huge price inflation that comes with it.

Can we go back to when every seller and their mom didn’t know this was a thing? :frowning:

Like 3 years ago. I think our old GAF threads ruined things. :thinking:

Ever since I made the scanline screenshots thread, the prices went up. My bad everyone!


For 30 bucks CAD, yes, it is very worth looking at.

Yup worth the risk at $30 CAD! Go for it!

The GAF threads, shmups/Fudoh, Reddit and YouTube (phonedork) definitely had an effect. A few of us also brought attention to cheap and barely used JVC CRTs as an equally-as-good alternative to the Sony monitors. They’re not so cheap anymore.

For a low $30, I would pounce on it right away and then see what I’ve got my hands on and if it’s salvageable. Don’t sleep on it and later have regrets.

$30 is basically “why not” money for most people, so I would go for it and see what happens. Worst case, you are in it for some more money to find someone who can fix anything broken. You can use a plastic welding kit to fix any cracks.

I’m at work so I cant read it but if its just a stuck button thats a really easy fix. I’d ask to look at geometry first but for $30,why not.