Anyone playing the Monster Hunter World Beta?

Seriously cant wait to give this a shot, but just checking out how many RGBers are jumping on board. Also I wonder how the Megaman music will work with the Felyne dlc items? A theme per weapon type…or just those specific weapons when equipped? At any rate, my PSN tag is TeknomanEX for those that are gonna dive in the next few days.

Yup, played a little bit this morning and it was a lot of fun. Probably won’t play too much before it ends since I’ve played it before but I’m happy. I hope they announce a PC date soon.

Yeh, took some getting used to some of the new details / simplified mechanics, but when fighting one of the new monsters, and seeing two of them try to rip one another apart, i know its going to be great.

Sucks that matchmaking seems to be spotty atm. Either no one joins my party, or parties i try to join are full.

I just finished the first 2 quests and it’s alot of fun! It’s so nice to play monster hunter without the hand cramps!

Add me on psn if you want to try out the multi! username is the same as here.