The Official RGB Discord Server

Before we were a proper forum, we all gathered and huddled for warmth on a Discord!

Most of us are still connected to this Discord server and enjoy some banter and chat from time to time.

If you’ve joined RGB, and would like an invite to the Discord, please post here and myself or another member will kindly PM you an invite link.


I’d like to join :slight_smile:

pmd you

Be warned. If you are not use to discord it may take over your life…

That’s why I haven’t been active on it for like a week, trying to actually play some vidya games and I know if I go back to that tab I’ll end up not getting anything done. :c

Please accept my deepest apologies.

No deal! >:C

That Chac channel is pretty addictive. A lot of people point to that as the reason they stick around in the first place.

Woul appreciate an invite

inv please

another channel to lurk in? sure, why not.

I’m interested!

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damn invite expired. can i get another? sorry

Happy to be on board with the Discord. Some days it feels like I barely even have time to throw one comment in there though, much less the forum. Why is life busy?

Could i have an invite please? Only just got on this discord bandwagon!


I’d like an invite too! :slight_smile:


I still feel really grateful for the Discord server for when I’m too busy on-the-go and want to have a quick chat about something retro… Plus the fact that it’s basically the same community as the RGB forums :grin:

Id like to join as well!