Arcade-Style Sports Games: Just Do it! With Power-ups and Special Abilities!

Video games and sports go hand in hand. The basis of early and many game designs were inspired by them and let us not forget that Pong was just a simplified form of tennis…or is it air hockey? and it can be said that Rocket League is somewhat influenced by the look, feel, atmosphere and excitement of football (soccer) as well as the rules that the sport is based on.

"But Fuck Madden and Fifa! I hate sports games! Those games aren’t for me! " I hear you say from your limited edition custom-made Kingdom Hearts pedestal. Relax, much like flavoured gum, sports games come in all different forms so there’s bound to be at least one you’ve either played or thoroughly enjoyed. The big differentiation is “Simulation” or “Arcade”.

(As real and as close to the sport as can be)

(Keep the fundamental rules and scoring intact but change everything else)

Now that that’s been clarified we can proceed with the thread and share our favourite arcade sports games.


Baseball Stars 2

Super Baseball 2020

MLB Slugfest

Football (Soccer)

Fifa Street

Red Card




NBA Street

American Football (Football)

Mutant League Football

NFL Blitz

NFL Street


Everybody’s Golf

And of course there’s the Mario collection of sports games. We’re talking Golf, Tennis, Football, Baseball, Kart-Racing and Track & Field. Can’t forget those…

Share your favourite arcade/alternative sports titles :slight_smile:

Virtua Tennis and Neo Turf Masters!


That’s too funny.

It’s already mentioned in the OP, but Rocket League is, in my humble opinion, the ultimate arcade sports title. There are so many others I like though. A really underrated and timeless gem is this one on NES:



The computer AI in this game sucks, but when two players who know what they’re doing play the game it’s actually surprisingly deep. Like… you can setup deflections, deke/fake shots and fully control the goal tender. The only thing missing is the ability to setup a one-timer

I actually liked that from time to time. Just like I enjoy playing a game of Monopoly on GameBoy or Risk on Genesis from time to time as just something to relax with without having to put thought into my moves.

But yeah, this is a thread for me. Not that I hate on the simulation style of games but always liked these kind more.

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Tecmo Super Bowl is GOAT.
Mutant League Hockey was good as well.
Blades of Steel is a good fighting…I mean hockey game.
Baseball Simulator 1.000 was fun on NES. I’ve heard good things about the Super version on SNES but I haven’t played it.
The Hot Shots / Everybody’s Golf games on PSP were good.
I loved NBA Live '95 back in the day. It could be played trying for a sim or pretty arcade like depending on what rules you had on and how you played the game.

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I fucking destroyed @BTails in NBA JAM the last time we played at a barcade.

I think NFL blitz is my all time favorite sports game.

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@Socksfelloff is misremembering… He won by one point. #fakenews

We also played my favourite arcade-style sports game that evening on their NES setup… Konami’s amazing BLADES OF STEEL.

I absolutely love this game. And the fact that when you get into a fight with the other team, it’s the LOSER of the fight that gets a penalty. The NHL should make that rule change for real.

Also, I absolutely REK’D Socks at this game when we played. It was embarrassing.


Hey man, that 1 point lead was a doozy though.

You only beat me in blades of steel because I didn’t know how the goalie worked. I smell rematch!

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Tecmo Super Bowl is a football game I keep going back to over and over and over and over and over again.

Yep, it’s so good. I play with updated rosters sometimes but always have to go back to the OG to dominate with Bo Jackson or QB Eagles, lol.

I love this thread.

Give me some arch rivals, blitz, nba jam, nba/nfl/fifa street, mario sports and HOT SHOTS (i refuse to use everybody’s golf) any day of the week.

Ooo Arch Rivals! I forgot about that game. I need to play Double Dribble and Jordan vs Bird again. I haven’t played them since they were new lol.

Run and Gun basketball in the actual arcade was fucking awesome! The SNES port, Give n Go, was good as well but nothing like the arcade version.

Run and Gun:

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Hot Shots Golf has always been a system seller for me (except Vita…)

I love NBA Jam the on the SNES but I love it even more with the power ups enabled. If you haven’t gone in options and turned that on, or didn’t even know about it, do yourself a favor this weekend.

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We had a group of 4 last night and we banged out a solid 8 hours of drinks and N64. NBA hangtime ended up being the most fun everyone had all night!

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Any one tried the Outlaw series of sports games? Basically, based on my interpretation of the box art, it looks like sports with an edgy adult innuendo “Dead or Alive Extreme beach Volleyball” vibe to it. I always used to see it on shelves back in the day but never bothered giving it a go.

I wonder how that guy feels about his full body tribal tattoo these days

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I tried to play NFL Blitz on DC recently, but didn’t know what I was doing, and found the entire experience overwhelming.

Everything moved so quickly, and felt panicked when trying to do anything. I just kept getting sacked, haha.

I feel like like would enjoy it if I could learn it. Any suggestions for a newbie?

Guy must be in an old folks home by now.

I’d check out a video going over the game mechanics. Once you learn how the game works it becomes a lot easier. Having its routes in the arcades it’s incredibly punishing to start out but its sooo worth it!